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BEST And WORST SURVIVAL Games 2021 – REVIEW, News, Reveals, Win's And Fail's In Survival 2021

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the biggest survival games news, releases, wins and fails in 2021
Survival, rpg and open world gamesnews guides and more
00:00 survival review 2021
01:01 january – rust, the day before…
02:38 february – valheim, breathedge…
05:09 march – subnautica free, last oasis…
08:43 april – abandoned, icarus reveals…
09:47 may – conan dlc- rust console…
14:29 june – ark dlc, subnautica, green hell…
18:19 july – grounded update, tribes midgard…
22:23 august – 7 days, voidtrain…
25:50 september – valheim update, terraria…
32:58 october – grounded update, sotf…
37:59 november – skyrim, among trees…
41:57 december – breakwaters, nightingale, ark update
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  1. 2021 was a little alright 4 games but let's face it there's a drought and few gems in the roof here will it get better for gaming 2022 I don't know for there's a lot of things going on the outside world of gaming and with game companies getting greedier all I see is Battle Royale fortnite game clones and lots of let Downs with loot boxing games on the side we shouldn't sugarcoat what's going on in the outside of the gaming world and inside the gaming world but games like valheim sons of the forest coming out and obsidian new games and hoping Bethesda new ip starfield and elder scroll game don't screw us over again and the independent game community my be hope only time will tell

  2. Think you definitely need to play dying light 1think the definitive edition is on sale for Xbox and it would help as the travel and movement system is a complete change to what you would be used to

  3. To each their own, but I miss the days when "more difficult" meant "the devs put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into pacing out tougher enemies, more challenging puzzles, and unique gear" rather than "it's the same shit from start to finish, but now you have to remember to actually take a shit every four minutes, or your health will start dropping."

  4. Valheim is fantastic and has to be my favourite.The developers should be so proud of what they achieved so far

  5. Myth of Empires, I got on the beta and installed it but my virus checker quarantined the game and it would not run. I never ran it and got booted from the beta. Now it turns out that the Devs stole the code? Typical CCP play book. Chyna is asshoe.

  6. My fav gaming experience last year was moving to pc, after my ps4 died, and getting to explore Ark mods. Having a lot of fun .. 🙂

  7. Great recap Jade, thanks. Trying out these new games in 2021 like Icarus and Breakwaters really make you even more impressed with how incredibly good Valheim is. Just imagine it's potential in a year or two…

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