*BEST* Chapter 3 Fortnite Settings/Binds! *UPDATED* Linear AIMBOT Controller Settings – Xbox/PS5

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In this video, I show you my new Fortnite Chapter 3 controller settings, sensitivity and binds. These settings are perfect for anyone, so try them out and let me know what you think of them! Watch the full video and enjoy this Family Friendly Fortnite content!

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BEST Chapter 3 Fortnite Settings/Binds! UPDATED Linear AIMBOT Controller Settings – Xbox/PS5

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  1. I tried it and I was Sweatier than my brother that has no life and grinds and there’s me just putting in these settings going god mode

  2. To be honest I been trying boost and for me I like it cuz I can do a look around on controller but it looks like I play on keyboard tho

  3. Best settings in fortnite

    Building 2.1
    Editing 2.3
    Look Horizontal 45
    Look vertical 45
    Look Horizontal boost 13
    Look vertical boost 15
    Look Horizontal Ads 6
    Look vertical Ads 8
    Look vertical boost ads 2
    Look Horizontal boost ads 2

  4. I’m glad to play the new season and it might be because I’m a lil rusty but I play claw and it’s sooooo hard to build fight for me rn cause I’m always sliding even when I don’t want to, what should I do?

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