BEST OF BATTLEFIELD 2042 – What 300 Hours, 44000 Kills looks like in Battlefield 2042

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I stream pretty much everyday & upload about 7 videos a week. Its only Battlefield that you will find on this channel and Maybe …


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  1. Non sei forte sei fai kill ma se collabori è battlefild non è Cod io dopo aver visto questo video penso che sei un bot

  2. One of the things that fascinates me the most about your play, is how good you are with a lone wolf style. Now don't get me wrong, you are a team player, I mean more that you don't run with a squad of buddies doing call outs. So as good as you are, it's mind boggling how much better you could still be with a great squad. True pro. You and Broken Machine have become my two favorites. He is similar to you. Good stuff. ?

  3. Are you playing against bots for this? Why aren't you getting sniped on top of those containers in manifest? None of them looked up and only 1 came up after you…

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