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Big Switch Sales + FREE Games Revealed And New Details For Rockstar's Bully 2 Emerge | News Wave

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Closing out the year Nintendo is running a New Years sale that has some really good discounts to add to your backlog of games. Epic Games is also doing a set of free games that are actually really good and you can claim them right now. Bully 2 has been a game that has been the subject of tons of rumors for the last several years, now a new report goes in depth with the troubled development at Rockstar around the title.

Video Games on sale:

Bully Scholarship Edition:
Alan Wake Remaster:
Dying Light Platinum:
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond:
Elden Ring:
Mario Party Superstars:
Hitman 3:
Stardew Valley:
World of Final Fantasy:
Metroid Dread:
Ys IX:
Death Stranding:
Bayonetta + Vanquish:
Zelda Skyward Sword HD:

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00:00 – Start

00:42 – Fortnite Getting A ‘No Build’ Mode

1:46 – Oculus Quest Sees Big Sales Spike Over Christmas Time

3:21 – Switch Steam Deck Comparison Shots

4:17 – Bully 2 Report Shows New Details

8:59 – Nintendo Kicks Off New Years Sale In UK

12:27 – Halo Infinite Deleted Scene

14:07 – God Of War Ragnarok Rated

15:43 – Poll

16:55 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. I find it interesting that the only black guy on spawncast gets flack and it doesn't seem like anyone else does

  2. Building is sort of what makes Fortnite so special. That said, I remember when I started, people didn't build nearly as much because not many people had it figured out, and I hope that a no-build mode might help new players learn the game and eventually adopt the building elements.

  3. that tomb raider collection also includes all the dlc as well ive gotten over 230 free games from epic over the last 2 yrs

  4. Steam deck is Not a Portable device its pointless for home use so who are they targeting with this thing since its for PC games you Cant play New PC games with it games up to 2013 will be fine probably but for its price it just offers too little you are much better of buying a console or even cheap PC

  5. I wonder if the VR did so well because nothing else can get got hold of. Parents buying kids Christmas presents that can’t get consoles switched to VR

  6. if you want these games Free better download them with a crack 100 times better then going to Epic game store
    btw if you haven't played Tomb Raider games the first one from 2013 is the Best the last one is the Worst

  7. I was so upset when I had an N64 and my buddy had a PS1 and MK trilogy was better on PS1 simply because it had all the bosses playable. I wanted to be Goro or Shao Khan and didn’t understand why the Nintendo didn’t have them. I know it was storage issues but still, as a kid I was totally bummed out

  8. Who honestly cares about Switch 3rd party/indie game sales. And I see Square really trying to boost their rep on Epic Game Store, as they have already sold themselves out with latest releases.

  9. Pokemon Legends will not be ready at all and they will botch the launch releasing it so soon… I really wish they would give a new style Pokemon the time it needs.

  10. I really hope Sony decides to do something about that stupid last-gen light tracking and terrible wands that gimped PSVR for the generation for the sake of clearing out unsold PSMove inventory. I considered getting an Oculus Quest 2, but found a fantastic deal on a HP Reverb G2 for $450. 2160 pixels per eye? No screen door effect? Inside-out tracking that actually works and doesn't constantly nag you about being outside of the playzone like PSVR does? Hell yes. Now I just need to find a good deal on a graphics card because my old setup is starting to chug. It's good enough to play Half-Life Alyx, but I want to see it really shine.

  11. Picked up a quest last year because of the lack of wires and i can't believe someone asked for a remaster, they can keep it these new consoles desperately need new IP.

  12. Correction, Epic games give a new free game every monday to monday . The exception is holidays or special deals, I actually have 174 free games in my epic game's account. So, your really behind if your just noticing this feature. Sure, most games are olf . While, you can get brand new games if you wait long enough .

  13. Fyi pokemon conquest is a old era japanese pokemon game that's more faithful to the pokemon lore and Negi Japan than Pkmn Legends is . Pkmn legends ignores people made pokeballs from wood and berries as hinted in the seconds gen. There is errors in the contenuity when applying what the ds pkmn games brought to the table that pkmn Legends ignores . Because, game freak is stupid when following there own stories they build up in the series . :/

  14. "switch" steam deck comparison shots – should just compared to the wii u gamepad instead.

    poll – probably horizon forbidden west.

  15. Golden Eye ? 007 N64 is getting a HD remaster for Switch and every console, Golden Eye ? 007 N64 was my Call Of Duty
    Happy new year ? ✨

  16. Jon, you almost gave me a heart attack at the beginning of this video, lmfao. As always, great work, looking forward to many more in the future.

  17. Ahh the steam deck. Pc peoples master race. except when. They get excited for a console. For the anti console? Lolololol looks like the master race is a hand held console. Nubs

  18. Epic giving them games. To increase members and new users with epic accounts or log ons. So the new year looks to be starting strong for investors

  19. Torchlight 3 says 35 pounds not five pounds… And they did such a piss poor job porting it I wouldn't waste the time or money. Even on Series X Torchlight 3 runs like dog shit around 30fps… Steer clear and grab Torchlight 2 a much better game.

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