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Cosmic Universe and BigTime are going to be game changers. #metaverse, #play-to-earn, #crypto-gaming

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I believe metaverse games are going to be fun and profitable.

This video will help break down the differences between the traditional pay to win video game model, and compare it to the new play to earn crypto metaverse model.

The games that will be used as examples are Genshin Impact, Cosmic Universe, and BigTime game.

Everything in this video is my personal opinion. Nothing in this video is financial advice. Always do all your own research when it comes to crypto and money ?.

What is Cosmic Universe Game? What is BigTime game? WHAT IS BigTime SPACE?

The content in this video is my opinion based off my research. Please do your own work to come to you own understanding of these games and earning potential.

Link to cosmic universe official site:
Link to cosmic universe official discord:

Link to bigtime official site:
Link to bigtime official discord: DISCORD LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.


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  1. I was your 100th
    sub…what do I win…lol. Seriously great content. I bought space last week and am also pumped about the future of crypto gaming!

  2. ??It would certainly be a step toward creating a true gamer’s utopia upon which one could say we all have looked forward to??

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