Cricket 22 PS5 – Full Gameplay 4K HDR

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I am bowled over by the new Cricket 22 but there are some bugs. The video features an Ashes test match between Australia and England. Recorded on PS5 in 4K HDR.


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  1. It would be Better if there is a Lip Moment of the Players available at the time of Communicating to Bowlers and Toss Time.

  2. I thought that was what they were going to do. They need to get the commentary back to the consistentcy what it was like on the Ricky Ponting game years ago when Tony Greig and the boys commentated.

  3. there should be dark shadows on players faces.. It will look so super real…
    Although game is beautiful in its own…

  4. We are so best. We are great all over. We are best in every thing. It is we are so best. We are glorious in the cricket. We are best playing cricket state. We are best so much in cricket. We are so best in the batting. We are good so best regarding cricket. We are great touring cricket.

  5. Yeah i feel the commentary would be a nice feel to the game altho they have more commentators then cricket 19 it feels a bit off. Would love a non stop talking session while playing like it is in real life

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