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Metaverse Crypto Game 1: Axie Infinity (AXS)

The Axie Infity crypto coin has also seen an over 100,000% return since it was created meaning if you invested just $100 back on the 6th November 2020 then you would now have…. $106,958 dollars.

The aim of the game is to collect digital pets which you can raise and even battle, these are called axies. Something that I find interesting is that each Axie is a unique NFT that can be bought & sold.

I’m going to buy some Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) on Coinbase, this crypto represents a slice of the Axie World… Sort of like buying a stock.

Metaverse Crypto Game 2: Decentraland (MANA)

Excitement surrounding the metaverse is surging lately.

I like the sound of Decentraland because it’s like virtual real estate.. and my real estate investments have been very profitable over the years.. There are 90,601 plots of land which are actually NFTs, which means each land token cannot be replicated and is completely unique.

So as I’ve mentioned, MANA is the crypto that fuels decentraland, so that’s what I’m going to be spinning the wheel and investing in….

Metaverse Crypto Game 3: Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox Is a virtual world, on the Ethereum blockchain, very similar to Decentraland, where players can build & monetise their experience using NFTs and their token. Players can create in game assets, trade them on the marketplace and also create games.

Recently with the excitement around virtual reality, they have managed to raise $93M to grow the Sandbox metaverse.

This coin is around its all-time highs, so I do feel more uneasy going into this because I always like to try and pick things up for a bargain… But who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a bargain as Crypto Gaming seems to be exploding!

Metaverse Crypto Game 4: Enjin (ENJ)

That’s why Enjin coin looks so promising as it allows game developers to create NFT gaming items. With the other games in the list, there is always the potential that it will flop and your investment may decrease in value however with enjin coin, the games that use it to build their NFT’s can flop and Enjin will still benefit.

Looking at the chart, a drawback here could be how high the price is, but I think there is still growth to come and no one really knows what will happen!

Metaverse Crypto Game 5: Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be free to play game, no membership or Crypto will be required to play.

What makes Illuvium different to the other games, is it really does look like a triple A game. The graphics look absolutely amazing and they do claim it will be polished in all areas, which sounds awesome, if they actually deliver.

I’ve first got to use some of my Ethereum in my metamask wallet and then go to sushi swap and change my Ethereum into Illuvium coin.

Metaverse Crypto Game 6: Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The Star Atlas game is going to be based in the year 2620 and have 3 factions, the Aliens, the androids & the humans. They claim the game will feature a cinema quality real-time environment.

Solana’s massive transaction capacity means more apps and games will be able to run at the same time without slowing down. This could offer an advantage to Star Atlas over the other crypto games!

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