Direct Package installer Works on PS4 Jailbreak 9.00

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links below:
direct pkg installer:
Remote pkg installer: or this link:


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  1. Hey Bro,
    I have WD 1.5 TB external hard drive formatted into exfat.
    It works perfectly on my pc but when I plug it into PS4 it either doesn't recognise it or says unsupported file format.
    Other exfat pendrives work perfectly on PS4.
    Can you figure out what's the issues and how to solve it
    Please help

  2. What about large games that are broken into multiple parts? Ive been downloading and sending over my local network with Sender and Bin loader but that's a lot of extra mouse clicks and time.

  3. 100% working. but when I close direct package installer from pc after start download on ps4 it will stop ps4 downloading too.

  4. Hey Sam
    I was wondering if u know anything about the direct pkg installer not finding the ps4 even though the ip adress is correct. I got an error that said it couldn’t find RPI on my IP?

  5. I don't understand how is this working if we didn't even configure something or connect a LAN cable with the console???

  6. @BrutalSam Can you show how to add cheats to games on 9.00 I already beaten Batman Arkham knight n other games I wanna use cheats on them now

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