Disrespectful Battlefield 2042 Memes

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I decided to take a look at the BF2042 Reddit… ENJOY! 😀 ➤Twitter: ➤Discord: …


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  1. I uninstalled BF2042 yesterday and returned to splatoon – it is still the best shooter. And I will never buy again a battlefield game before waiting at least 6 months.

  2. Is it too hard to ask the fans what they want in a game? Aren’t future games suppose to a cumulation of all the good mechanics in previous games?

  3. I love the master tags and trying to complete all the tags, it was fun. No the game is on sale at half price nearly, 34.99 I paid 60

  4. It's a end of a, era, so mad. I loved BF3 BF4 and BF1, V was OK but this game sucks, the skill is gone out of the game. Its to childish easy and just not worth buying. It's the only game I play in the FPS games. I'm so disappointed with EA, I wish they didn't ruin Dice. It sucks

  5. Lmao, dude complaining about the fact that he preordered and got "scammed". The community has been warning the playerbase since BF4 to not pre-order games, sends the wrong message and the games at launch are barely playable. When the trailer came out, people gave out the same warning, you chose to ignore it, you preordered, now deal with it

  6. Just bought this game for $40. Boy does it feel like BF4 when it came out and it’s frustrating. I’m dying when I’m behind walls, I die instantly from an smg (mp9) from 100 yards away, I don’t get hit markers, I see enemies as friendly, and worse a freaking Sundance could jump out of a helicopter and fly to your spawn and shoot you from behind. This hero shooter ? doesn’t work in BF. And worse I bough this game on the Series X and there’s basically no one playing this game on that system.

  7. my idea for a proper endscreeen-event: Show some highlights of the rounds. Longest Headshot, melee kills, longest killstreak…

  8. I mean I like the game there’s just not enough of it and needs more polish. Nowhere near as bad as 5 was after only 2 months.

  9. not exactly defending BF on this, but not going against them either, the announcer says that everyone has evacuated in Hourglass, so that may explain the lack of furniture in the houses

  10. cyberpunk was what it took for me to finally learn. I did get 2042 at half price but only because I told a buddy I would when the holiday sales started. won't ever preorder again.

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