Dying light 2

Dying Light – 2 – Good Night, Good Luck!

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Welcome back in Dying Light Platinum Edition!
Today we will sleep through our first night! After that we will learn how Brecken’s mission went! After that we will go on a little air drop hunting and our first night run! But remeber, Nightmares are waiting for you!

Dying Light is amazing game about zombies, parkour and zombies. And a little bit more zombies. It came out in 2015, but it is still the best zombie game out there! Story is amazing, combat is brutal, parkour is smooth, graphics are cool and soundtrack makes it all even better! The best part about this game? There is still work being done inside the game from the developers – there are constantly new updates, new events and new DLCs being added! So, let’s check out the best possible way to experience this amazing game with all DLCs in Platinum Edition!

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