EA & Dice have learned Nothing from Battlefield 2042 Disastrous Launch

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0:00 Intro
1:53 The Dark times
2:36 Battlefields Identity crisis
3:25 Classes Cut because of “COD innovations”
7:28 Farming simulator and BFV have more players than 2042
9:09 Dice Head of Design worked on candy crush & also just left.
11:01 Patch 3 breaks BF2042 in a Bethesda like move
13:31 The Battlefield Universe…
16:10 The BF2042 trailer bait and switch
17:17 The next Battlefield game will be a Hero shooter

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  1. Am not even that mad with bf 2042 devs. Am mad with all of those that , again, fell for this and instabought it.

  2. Man I’ve tried so hard to like this game, but since I’ve uninstalled it and came back to bf4, far far superior game. Bf2042 feels off in every damn way, I totally regret my buy

  3. the sad thing is… that its not because the management is stupid… theyre not … trust me… this is all done on purpose… its not like they dont know what players like… they know exactly what makes a game good…. they just dont care and the money is worth more than the quality of the game

  4. I don’t think a vendor will hold the host sever longer than 2 years from now on, it’s doesn’t make profits fast enough to satisfy the stock holders.

  5. This video perfectly explains why I hate this game so much, it's just not battlefield anymore. Specialists ruined a great formula.

  6. Imagine stripping away the system that has been in battlefield for 20 years that made it unique, and ‘innovating’ it by copying your competitor

  7. I absolutely hate 2042. This game was released complete if you don't consider bugs. Dice left out all these features on purpose. No scoreboard because everyone gets a trophy. Why? Monetization. You are more likely to buy skins. This whole game was built around you spending more and more money. It's just a cash grab once seasons do actually happen.

  8. Even cyberpunk was better. CDred tried their bests, now they hired modders to fix their game.
    Nowdays,it is a pretty good game.

    Best of all, you can get a refound anytime.
    I asked EA to refound my 2042, they refused… i lost my fathe in EA.

  9. Battlefield community: “we don’t want specialists and we like the class system”

    EA: Adds specialists and removes the class system

    Also EA: “why did the game fail?”

  10. Most Triple-A gaming companies won't listen to advice like this. They've all but abandoned the original route they set on in favor of making games more, "Progressive" towards the minority.

    If I were a game developer, I wouldn't care about the small group screaming about how my game didn't include them and focus more on the massive playerbase that's liked the game and the direction it's been headed since I started the company.

    Doing this whole switcharoo with baiting players into buying the game, and having it be even worse than Fortnite due to all of its glitches, and destroying its former charm, ​is an outright disgrace to the video game sphere.

    If EA has taught me anything, it's that you really can't trust the company knowing that full and well… They're just gonna mess the game you've known and loved so much horribly anyways. Throwing in all sorts of ungodly microtransactions and skins to, "Brighten your appearance". Things were better when Battlefield 4 introduced all of those maps (Yes, for a fee, but it was still much better content than what's being released currently.)

    Not to mention, if anyone's excited for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands? Don't be. Even WITH Randy Pitchfork gone from the scene, there's still a massive chance that TTW's gonna have its hype train buried into the ground from the massive amounts of BS Take 2 Interactive and 2K studios pull on the regular.

    Two studios, two birds of the same feather. 'Can't have ANYTHING nice these days.

  11. had a rush game yesterday where we had zero tickets and one objective armed. i personally armed it and watched it blow. we lost the match cause it glitched.(the game even told me it blew up1 objective armed and blown or whatever it says) never have i quit a game so fast.

  12. They don't need to learn, all modern learning is SHIT, they need to REMEMBER how videogames were before the marketing catastrophe.

  13. too bad no one is willing to spend two decades making an open world 5v5 fps pvp version of cs that is ALSO perfectly made.. like cs

  14. 1. So would saying 2042 is like the Titanic hitting the iceberg and finding there's jaws swimming near it
    2. Shouldn't a connected universe be BF portal I thought that's what it was supposed to be for the most part. It's the reason I want 2042.

  15. GUNDAM u need a movement to bar and dispromote even boycott games that encourages and promotes greedy and downright unlawful titanic load of microtransactions and quality of games not matching the quality of product bought everyone abandon copium embrace self respect. Gundam please start a boycott ill join please

  16. I want to find a reason to get this game but even for a discounted price I still cant find one. I use to play Battlefield 3 and 4 daily but I just cant defile the memories of 3 and 4 with this trash…

  17. Everyone is a cope addict if u say its worth it cz its free like halo infinite worse than the original and more tenaciously greedy

  18. Battlefield 2042 sold over 4.2 million copies in its first week; it now boasts the second-best launch in series history

  19. IMO Specialists should be treated like Heroes/Villains from Battlefront. You get points during combat that you can save up in game and spend to spawn in as a specialists. That would fix a lot of problems imo, and EA wouldn't have to remove their precious Fortnite/Apex/Overwatch marketable characters

  20. Theres a solo part where you can play against just bots and you can unlock weapons and attachments in it and skins for the specialists and theres not nearly as many bugs as in the multi-player

  21. No one cares anymore. Let the kids play their garbage games and think they r cool. There's way too many good games to focus on these pure garbage cash grab micro transaction filled trash "games".

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