EASY MOB XP FARM for 1.18 Minecraft Bedrock & PE | MCPE,PS4,Xbox,Switch,Windows |

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Easy Mob XP Farm Minecraft PE, Bedrock Edition 1.18 This is the best Mob xp farm in Minecraft 1.18 , Its Fast and Efficient.


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  1. anyone else having the problem with there mobs despawning in the kill chamber? I see a bunch spawn then I go down there n their is barely any mobs in it

  2. Spawn rate is terrible. I have 4 layers. Anything I can do? Tried to build afk platform different hights and all 4 sides. Still like 20 mobs every 15-20 minutes.

  3. Legends will use mob spawner??. Joke. Thanks bro really liked the video idk how but till now most of the videos of urs which i have seen were really helpful

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