F1 2021 – 100% Race Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in Hamilton's Mercedes | PS5

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Check out this brand new video of F1 2021 gameplay, containing a full 100% race of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix! This Formula 1 race has been recorded by Beatdown Racing on the next-gen PS5 console with the AI driver level set to 95, a.k.a. Legend difficulty. Today we’ll be racing at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia using Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes! ??

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0:00 Intro
2:12 Formation Lap
4:52 Saudi Arabian GP
1:27:27 Race Highlights
1:29:54 Race Results
1:30:12 End Screen – Thanks For Watching!

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  1. why is onboard so fun to watch I could literally watch this all day lol. I miss when the qualifying was one-shot so we were always seeing the cars and tracks like this

  2. BREAKING NEWS. Merc team boss announced that he will give a PENALTY to MICHAEL MASI and take away his osition in FIA, if Merc loose the championship.

  3. gano el auto Mercedes, que le hizo algo a su motor ayudado por la FIA, pero el mejor piloto sigue siendo Max.

  4. Enquanto existir Lewis Hamilton nas pistas, Max sempre será figurante ??????Hamilton é muito mais piloto ?????????

  5. Unacceptable by VER this is F1 or arena unacceptable and penalty for VER UNACCEPTABLE dangerous driver for F1

  6. can someone tell me how to set up my own race to make practice ? ı need to practice under wet / slippery conditions in baku circuit with my used slicks to get over the god damn championship baku GP that i am stuck in since 3 months cause it gets slippery on 28, 29 laps….

  7. De risa esa carrera, con Sergio se hubiera atorado y ya pasó en la realidad pero hay trucos y trampas, xq el negocio es el negocio

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