Fallout 4 Xbox Series X vs PS5 Comparison [FPS Boost] [Mods]

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Fallout 4 Xbox Series X vs PS5 Comparison: FPS Boost, Mods of this amazing RPG franchise with full choices. Make whatever character you want, explore a vast world that’s been improved. Xbox Store: [Ad]. This is a rather remarkable time where you’ll attempt to survive while also finding out what happened to your kid. As a parent of your choosing you’ll head out into the wasteland hundreds of years later to discover what has happened since. Forever on Xbox Game Pass since Microsoft bought Bethesda. This update brings in the FPS Boost at 60fps to improve the game.

Fallout 4 Xbox Series X vs PS5 Comparison: FPS Boost, Mods of this genre defining RPG series that continues to grow. Featuring mod support on console it really opens up just what you can do within the series. It’s really quite expansive with a grand selection of DLC content too. New story missions to engage with, and even smaller packs that change functionality of certain areas. That includes having creature bets, dealing with robots or even visiting the insanely breathtaking and amazing Nuka Cola World! What a treat!

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#Fallout4 #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this well loved game. It brings a ton of content, and countless hours of play. Whether you’re modding it, building settlements of chatting people up. There’s romancing companions, working with a dog pal if you’d like and of course the lovely Piper. Meet strange individuals, venture into lost Vaults and of course discover the history of the Boston area.

There’s a lot to explore and many locations to visit. It’s a wealth landscape that’s filled with so many sights to see, landmarks to visit and iconic spots that all look and run better than ever before. What a serious boost to the iconic game. Definitely love this game. The ultimate best Fallout 4 Xbox Series X Review and gameplay.


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  1. I have this mod on my series x and I'm trying to start up a new save, but everytime i do the game closes/crashes. Any fix to this? I have FPS boost disabled so it doesn't conflict and it still crashes.

  2. Fallout 4 Special Edition should have a optimization upgrade for Xbox Series S/X and with some miracle the PS5. Fallout 4 should have better performance/engine, better creation club content, 5 GB Mod storage space and simply playable without crashes and freezes. As a Xbox Series S owner, I'll be patient with Microsoft and Bethesda, Fallout 4 was a big project in 2015, all they need to do is to put an add on upgrade package and it will be worth every penny if it succeed like Skyrim's upgrade package. 2 things to ask for is playability when exploring areas that kills fps quick and 5 GB Mod storage space. I'll appreciate every bit of it and hope for Bethesda to fix the Fallout brand before making Fallout 5.

  3. You can actually enable the 4k 60 FPS mod and still have achievements enabled on Xbox! The mod is called FPS Series S/X Ultra Settings+. You just have to enable the mod, wait for game to load, quit your game (hit xbox button, then start button, then quit). Then when you launch the game back up, the mod will be "disabled" but will still run 4k 60 FPS with achievements enabled! Hope this helps for people who want to take advantage of the mod and still collect those achievements!

  4. Bit of an unfair comparison when Fallout 4 isn't taking any advantage of the PS5 hardware since it was never given one.

  5. Some people don't understand or they are simply trolls.

    This is not a Sony fault for not having 60fps on PS5, is Bethesda who should launch and update for 60fps and more resolution than 1440p (take a look at Skyrim and his nonsense last launch)

    Nobody wins here, Bethesda is still trash and liars.

  6. I find it totally bizarre that MS/Bethesda don’t just do a proper job with Fallout 4 and 76 on the next gens. Take them about two days to tweak settings/test/recompile etc. These games should have native versions. Crazy.

  7. I know this has nothing to do with the fallout video, but I was wondering if you knew if I would be able to buy the Xbox 360 version of the amazing Spider-Man 2 and play it on my Xbox one?

    Because I’ve been trying to find a reasonable price for the game but every Xbox one disc of the game seems to be over or close to a hundred dollars

  8. I'm sorry for PS5 : on one side, with play at 60 fps thanks to Xbox serie x , on the other side… the PS5 is ready for elderly people : you have enough time to aim before shooting !!
    It's simply AWFUL to play at 30 fps, IN 2021 !! Yuk !!!
    Oh well, Sony lovers will be able to play old games … for a fee, of course…. Sony really need to have killer apps with its exclusive games, or else….

  9. You could just use the 60fps mod on the series X and get 4K 60fps. It actually runs at 60fps the majority of the time. The downgraded resolution with fps boost isn’t as nice

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