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Gala Games, Microsoft & Intel All In One Room | HUGE Metaverse News!

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Stamps For Time

0:00 – Briefing
1:18 – Gala Games Huge Announcement
4:00 – Audius Metaverse Radio Tower
5:38 – Algorand’s First Music License Contract
7:44 – Dapper Labs Goes Metaverse
8:50 – Universal Music Group NFTs
10:00 – Microsoft & Palm NFT
13:04 – Intel Building Metaverse Servers
14:00 – Metaverse of Tommorow?

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  1. The music thing is very interesting, going forward rather than nowhere and kinda unappreciated anymore .. thanks for the heads-up on this and everything else in your vid ..the future looks bright

  2. Help review #Ertha the first phase of their land sales is over and they will be launching their HEX NFT marketplace is now open and tokens are to be released in December.

  3. Thank you for this video, but could you do a video covering ERTHA? Really looking forward to that project, thanks!

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