Halo Infinite: PC vs Xbox Series X Performance Review

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With the Halo Infinite campaign now out on Xbox and PC and available on Xbox Game Pass, we made time to play through the campaign of Halo infinite on PC and Xbox Series X. We compare the PC and Xbox Series X, look at the base Xbox One including engine performance, graphical features, PC settings to match consoles, and how performance scales both inside and outside in the ring. Click in to get all this and more in our Halo Infinite Performance Review.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Engine upgrades & Visuals
02:28 Scale & Settings
04:22 Console & PC Comparison
07:20 Performance
13:47 Final Thoughts

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  1. 14:00 – See, that's just it. That's a freakin' great character model render of Escharum. No low-res or low-poly count remarks that I'd make. So I'd argue that this game does have beauty. (There's an obvious corner cut with the undersuit section around his armpits, but who gd cares about that).

  2. 11:00 – FYI viewers: VRR tech currently does NOT work for Halo Infinite, so the 120 fps variance is also a problem for Series X. (Series S does not even offer 120 performance at all for this game anyway).

  3. 3:00 – the general development speculation states that it was dumbed down for XB1, not so much that it was scaled up for Series. As a general rule of thumb, it is easier to scale back than it is to buff up (although when you're making gameplay tweaks, like in MMOs or competitive games, an old piece of advice was "always buff up," lol).

  4. Would be great to have a comparison between Series S and some PC GPUs like 1650 super so people can have an idea on Series S performance

  5. love how he is saying the best halo lmao and the game crashes, and where is series s comparrison? imagine thinking xbox is so powerful but ps5 beats it in 90% comparrisons. lmao 12 flops of salt on the way

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