Halo Infinite Single-Player Campaign Review

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Halo Infinite Single-Player Campaign reviewed by Ryan McCaffrey on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One and PC.

Halo has meant a lot to me over the past 20 years. From first landing on the ring in Halo 1 to the surprise Arbiter arc in Halo 2 to being heartbroken by Halo 5’s abysmal storytelling, it’s one of the few series in gaming where every new mainline entry really matters to me. After six years, it was fair to wonder: did Halo still belong in the “Best Shooter” conversation? And would I still care about it? I am both relieved and delighted that Halo Infinite emphatically answers both questions with a resounding yes. Turning us loose to explore a massive open ring with almost complete freedom to approach combat with a wide range of iconic guns, vehicles, and toys has absolutely brought Halo’s single-player campaign back into contention as one of the finest out there (to say nothing of the amazing multiplayer suite), and even though it drops the ball a bit with the story and lack of environmental variety, Infinite picks it back up again with style.

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  1. The story is awesome, but the online game play needs A LOT of work. Aiming is horrible and shooting is just spraying. Dont like this game for that reason and therefore not buying it.

  2. Solid review. Great game. Awesome soundtrack. They played it a little too safe with the storyline but I'm really happy they didn't continue in the direction they took for Halo 5 and went back to the franchises roots.

  3. Fun game, but for a more critical review in how it compares to more nuanced feels of original halo check this out: "Halo Infinite Campaign Review – 2001 Edition" by GmanLives

  4. I'm I the only one who thinks a nemesis system would work perfectly for this game? They could make a new nemesis system like Lord of The Rings but Halo. Anyone?

  5. Finished it on legendary. Not at all impressed. Barely even has actual cutscenes. Still decent but the worst campaign in the series yet.

  6. This is not a game that can convince a long timeplaystation fanboy to buy an xbox…. xbox exclusives are mediocre games not revolutionary

  7. Picture if halfway through the campaign the flood gets released and overtime start to take over the ring. Can’t believe they made open world but ignored the epic ness of trying to contain the flood on a world sized map and slowly realizing it’s a hopeless battle ?

  8. Between Battlefield – CoD and Halo, Halo definitely won this year. I'm having so much fun with it. Totally worth my 60€

  9. The game is nostalgic but also really fresh. There are a lot of subtle callbacks and references to level designs from the original trilogy which are so fun to come across but the story is also really interesting and compelling so far. Haven’t beat it totally yet. But the open world is probably my favorite feature so far. There’s just a lot to do and it’s just fun to be able to collect and upgrade gear to go into the next mission

  10. as someone who grew up playing halo as a little kid, this title means more to me than any other game ever mad. Halo CE, 2, 3 and Reach were amazing. Especially the story telling style and the way characters developed this emotion for me. Halo infinite is a game with an incredible source of engineering tools but an absolute joke of a team who's in charge of writing. The mechanics are fun in combat but they have truly pissed away what halo is supposed to feel like on the emotion level. The whole they dug themselves in halo 5 was massive, halo infinite was a chance to fix that….. with Cortana especially. Well they absolutely ruined that chance. They had such an amazing opportunity to fix Cortana but instead made her an absolute HUMAN KILLER…… ruined the amazing story bungie worked so hard on.

  11. This was the most disappointing Halo campaign I've played. They had Huge story elements happen off screen, they do a terrible job explaining what's going on and what happened, and in general, this whole game feels like you're playing through a "small" section of the story that doesn't really matter. Gameplay isn't bad, but has never felt tedious before the way this one does. I'm totally disappointed with the story though.

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