How to FIX Disconnecting From Server in COD Warzone PS4, PS5 & XBOX (Pacific Update)

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Do you want to know how to fix disconnecting from server in COD warzone in PS4, PS5 and Xbox. This is very easy to do.


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  1. Does anyone know why duos isn't working? I'm trying to play with a friend and everytime I put the game, he just "leaves" the lobby. I really don't know what do to. I'm a ps4 player btw, don't know if anyone else is having this problem.

  2. Reinstall the game do not install high res texture packs that’s where the bug is this solved my campaign crash problem

  3. Good night I have done everything you have put in the video game a game or two and the screen goes black and I give it a restart or turn off and it freezes and I have to disconnect it from the power cord

  4. Your upload speed is probably much higher. I guess it's about 60 to 80. Go to the hidden web browser and start a speedtest.

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