How to Map a Network Drive from Xbox Series to Mac

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Hey, guys, my name is Scoby Tech and in today’s video, I am going to be showing you how to map a network drive from your Mac to your Xbox dev mode.

Text: cmd://

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  1. Hey, great content, man! I was able to get everything set up with your help. Every game I've tried runs like a charm.. thank you! I do have one thing, that maybe you could help with.. how would I be able to play two player (local/splitscreen) using this. I tried earlier to hook a second controller up, and play.. but it didn't respond. But that'd be cool, because games like Smash Bro's, Sarge's War, MOH, Madden, etc. would be fun to play two player again. Thanks again, Bud! Any and all assistance would be much appreciated.

  2. Thank you!! Was stuck on this step, do we download and copy psx2 kit after this step? then add bio files?

  3. Its saying that there was a problem connecting to the server, what should i do if it doesnt let me connect to it?

  4. This didn't work for me. Yes, the XBOX and my macbook pro are on the same network connection. Can you help me out?!

  5. Bro quick question, I’m running most GameCube games just fine, and didn’t have a problem for the most part till recently, where they just start loading then get stuck?

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