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how to play meepo against sniper | meepo vs sniper gameplay | Dota 2 meepo

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  1. This isn't how to play against sniper in my opinion. This is just how to passively farm as Meepo with a Poof build against a sniper that is also being very passive; or against any hero that is being passive. And it didn't seem ideal either; no creep stacking early on, no easy camp early on, and missed creeps in lane while jungle.

    Sniper is not an easy hero to lane against with Meepo, but getting Earthbind can ruin a Sniper's progression or even give Meepo an advantage with kills.

    It was still a very good Meepo player though for that skill bracket.

  2. dude dont take 6 str talent, 40 poof and earthbind cool down talent. its huge mistake and sniper is too low.

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