How To Use Discord On Xbox

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Setting up Discord on Xbox
0:50 Opening Profile & system tab on Xbox
1:03 Logging into Discord
1:15 Adding Xbox to Connection list

This video tutorial will show you how to connect and use Discord on your Xbox.

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How To Use Discord On Xbox


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  1. This video is clickbait. The title suggests how to set up Discord voice chatting, but only shows how to use Discord Rich Presence on Xbox.


  2. Diskord disappointed.There sit a collection of characters of different sorts.There are not only characters sitting in the discord itself, there and the very person servicing the discord itself (that is, it tech support itself discord and all those associated with it). This discord is praised from all sides, it's partly true, but there is a downside to discord, which few people talk about.Being in this discord can be dangerous for some.Better think twice.Should you go to this discord and what you need from it?

    1) can get in places,but not always a normal group to communicate on various topics;
    2) passing raids in games that have no way to pass without communication.Even if you try;
    3) is designed for cooperative games;

    1) in discord there is no "privacy" from the word no..;
    2) in discord can get all kinds of characters (criminals, hackers, rich characters, humorists and characters who don't care about anything and tech support of the discord), as well as young people who are not quite adykvatnaya..;
    3) Service personnel of the discord itself, who watch the discord does not comply with their own rules from the word go. (techsupport and all those who are associated with discord).
    4)In discord can only "elected" characters scold, swear and so on.Otherwise you the whole discord themselves mix with shit in the literal sense of the word.
    5) communication with a friend in discord is disclosed by the hackers themselves and the staff of discord.correspondence secrecy is not respected at all.
    6) if you start to argue with someone, his defenders have nothing to do with the swearing. and will begin to bait them. and then the whole discord is connected.
    7) Hackers and comedians bent on his head begin to seek out people via the Internet to mess with their homes.


    P.S: At the moment there is no need to be present in discord.There are some society that have their own laws and rules.They mix with the shit of anyone.

  3. FYI: with the Xbox Wireless Headset, you can connect to your Xbox Series console (don’t know if it works for XB One) and the Discord app on your phone, tablet, or PC (via bluetooth) at the same time so you can hear your Xbox game audio and chat on Discord simultaneously. As far as I know, this is the only headset that supports this.

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