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INSANE NEW PETS AND CRAZY TALENTS! | Necromancer | Conquest of Azeroth ALPHA | World of Warcraft

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Mcdoubles back again with a brand new video today featuring a fresh look at the NECROMANCER custom class on the Conquest of Azeroth custom class ALPHA servers! The new level cap is 40, a new talent tree was added and the class has been almost entirely overhauled since we last played it. How good is it now and is it still thematic?

A lot has happened since the last 1-30 Alpha and A LOT has changed in the new 30-40 Alpha!

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  1. Do you look at builds? I got a carnage incarnate bear build with 3300 ap Called blood bear pvp 2 and god iv been having fun
    Just missing some enchants to make it perfect I want counter poise and thrash and bash to go with carnage incarnate and twilight.

  2. I just wish they’d make this more like an rpg. Feel like all the crazy transmogs and mounts will take away from the great class design

  3. Dunno if there is spell ranks to learn but your damages look like someone forgot to visit their trainer for 15 levels xD

  4. I found your videos about a month ago and decided to try out PA.
    I started playing a character on resolute mode because I wanted that Vanilla grind and I just enjoy exploring and levelling my professions.
    It's so much fun playing PA and being able to build a hero the way I want 🙂

    COA looks boss as well and I am really looking forward to playing it 🙂

  5. is the DPS meter picking up damage done by summoned pets? That used to be a problem back in the day, it made Hunters and Warlocks parse lower than they actually were.

  6. Foul invo is good and what sucks about animation is your defences kill your let so you have to use raise zombie before sacrifices

  7. Love the server but there's no challenge I can 1 pull every dungeon on my reaper alone, clear it and not even lose hp lol.

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