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Is Affyn the x100 Metaverse Game? (Research Report)

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Are you looking for the next big metaverse game? In this video you will see a full research report on the hottest metaverse in the game right now, Affyn! The affyn white paper shows great potential and will covert the game, NFT’s, utilities, tokenomics and team!

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Play To Earn
That’s Free To Play

A Play-to-Earn metaverse that allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fee.

Sustainable Game

To ensure the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run, we found the solution to maintain a sustainable and growing game economy.

Mobile Geolocation-Based

Mobile geolocation-based gaming is on the rise, and we will become the pioneer of the mobile play-to-earn category in the blockchain space.

Real World
Token Utility

Users who earn FYN do not have to convert into fiat currency to use in the real world. We provide special privileges and benefits when they pay in FYN.

A mobile Metaverse with a digital layer that is mapped to the real world where users can explore, play and participate in activities based on their geolocation.

Each buddy is a non-fungible token and digital representation of character in NEXUS world. They are a collectible unit with attributes and properties.

NEXUS land is a digital representation of real estate in the virtual world that is mapped according to the real world. Each land is represented by a hexagon.

Users can build structures on their land in NEXUS. These structures are digital representations of property in the virtual world. A NEXUS structure has its own set of characteristics and can be purchased from the marketplace.

There will be campaigns and activities in NEXUS where, for example, NEXUS characters also known as Buddies will be planted at a shopping mall which users may hunt through the augmented reality lens.


We want our users to have fun with their friends and family in the real world. Thus, we created an ecosystem revolving around lifestyle where users can utilise their FYN tokens.

Each Buddy is a Non-Fungible Token with its own attributes and properties. Attributes of the Buddies can improve over time, while properties give certain advantages and disadvantages over other Buddies. Buddies can be trained to participate in quests, raids, PVP, user created activities and assigned to work. They can also be collected as a family.

Nexus Land
Each land is a Non-Fungible Token which is tradable and purchasable among users. Owners have full control over their land development to earn income, build structures, lease to other players, and host campaigns, events and activities.

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  1. Great Analysis ! After many years You comfort me in my decision after many research ! One of the best video on the Topic hands down !

  2. Niiice project again you showing here 🙂 let us know when you know more for the presale 🙂 great 🙂

  3. Great video Colin, as always. I am following Affyn on every social platform now and waiting to hear if and when we can get into the SEED investment phase, I would be happy with the price of 0.03$ with 18 months vesting and 6 months cliff. Keep us updated if you hear anything. Cheers Colin.

  4. I'm thinking about withdrawing from the Sipher Token Sale but will wait till the final minutes. How are u feeling about it?

  5. Probably on eof the best structured analysis in the crypto gaming I have seen so far. Would be also nice to know how to structure your portfolio and allocations. Keep it up.

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