Lets Try Jailbreaking The Highest PS4 Version 9.03!

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Jailbreaking The Highest PS4 Version 9.03!

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The Playstation 4 or PS4, the latest console from Sony, has been hacked by a group of hackers. This hacking process is known as jailbreaking.

The hacker group does not have any intentions for commercial gains and gamers can still play their games without any problems.

So what is jailbreaking? Jailbreaks are software modifications to the operating system of a device which allow users to do things that they could not before.

It is possible because there are vulnerabilities in the code and security features of these devices that enables them to be modified with third-party software and hardware without authorization from the manufacturer

What can we do with a jailbroken PS4? With a jailbroken ps4, you can play pirated copies of games as well as use homebrew software on it like emulators.

To unlock the true power and possibilities of the PS4, we need to break free.

This is why we’ve decided to help you Jailbreak PS4 and PS3 consoles. Adventure-seekers, get ready for a great expedition! Starts now!

Psst: We use our own tools and exploit the flaws of the platform, not any malware or spyware, so you can keep enjoying it legally!


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  1. If I jailbreak my Ps4 and use a 2nd account, cos you need to inject every time, could I then use my primary account as a standard account or would the console still be jailbroken?

  2. I randomly stopped playing PS4 for exactly 3 weeks and luckily it was disconnected. I was on 9.00 and managed to kill the 9.03 that was already downloading when I connected it again ?. It's a Christmas miracle. Ghost of Tsushima, here we go.

  3. I was thinking like when ps4 stop getting updates freaquently (Idk how to type that) like ps3 did will modders do same thing to ps4 like on ps3?

  4. Hello, I'm not sure I understand. Is it possible to download and load pkgs with version 9.03 with your method? Thanks

  5. Modding is kinda dead ps3 gta online servers are down and thats the main reason why i wanted a ps3 next ps4 its rare to jailbreak a ps4 cuz sony doesnt mess up alot but for pc you can mod all you want

  6. This guy is hard to listen too… nah I don't think this is gonna work every minute, na no way ever other minute, its just the same phrases all the way thru also asks for likes coz he could break hi computer then proceeds to not run the option that could break the computer… is that phishing for likes a bit???

  7. I have waited on 8.?? For a long time stopped autodownload for the new fm, and now at last I have a jailbroken ps4?

  8. I have my ps4 in version 9.03 the Jailbreaking also works on this version or do I need the console in version 9.0? thank you

  9. Hello. can someone help me solve the problem with ,, Updating form server ,, when I installed golden hen 2 I went into debut setings and I clicked something there, and now I can't start sony I tried everything, when I turn it on it says only "updating form server" and so it says it will not start at all, I tried to reinstall the system and install system software. I don't want anything. can anyone help me how to solve this problem? I would be very grateful to him.

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