LG C1 Gaming with Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite & Forza Horizon 5

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Testing out the 2021 65 inch LG C1 OLED with the Xbox Series X,Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Thanks to for …


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  2. The best of the best combination. I have same. Best console every game runs best on series x compared to ps5. Better faster stronger. VRR Dolby vison gamepass

  3. When I saw the thumbnail I was expecting an angry meathead shouting at the camera about the power of the console. Lol.

  4. Did LG ever fix your banding problem? I have this line on the right side of my screen but the LG tech couldn't find it.. Should I just deal with it or speak to someone else? I noticed it but some people may not you know.

  5. Is the gaming dashboard only available on the c1 ? You said you just pressed settings to get this up. I have a cx and would like to check the fps also.

  6. The games are not as sharp as a Sony and games don't look to 4k but the motion on this LG C1 looks near 3d .if you turn off all processing the motion looks so 3d it's almost distracting. I have it set to vivid in standard picture mode and standard in hdr picture.the tv overall is not that bright and so it looks dim in standard picture but in hdr there is some added bright highlights .overall I'd say the TV's great to games but if your going for movies go for Sony as I think they are brighter overall and wayy more sharp resolution wise.lg wins in clearness in it's motion that looks 3d and that 3d like motion is enough to love this tv because it's so clear

  7. I'm torn apart between LG C1 OLED and Philips 65OLED706. I love the ambilight ? Does it have the same panel? Any recommendations?

  8. How come you don't have it set to utilize the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro? I always see "VRR ON" on your vides, but on my C1, I run the AMD option and it displays the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro icon in that same area on the game optimizer pop up menu.

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