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00:00 – MASSIVE New PSN Sale Coming! Great Deals + More

00:25 – PSN HUGE Holiday Sale Starts VERY SOON

02:52 – Great DEALS Live Now, NEW LOW on Recently Released Game

06:04 – DNF Dual Release Window Revealed

06:47 – New Psychological Horror Game Coming to PS4/PS5 – Fobia St. Dinfina Hotel

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Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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  1. Far cry 6 is the most overrated in it's franchise. I have platinumed it and far cry 6 is Sooo repetitive.. you are better of on foot than helicopters,planes and cars. Ubisoft could have dropped vehicles In this game.

  2. I bought Far Cry 6 for $40 and I just started it a week ago. For new players, there's a sprint bug that seems to have sprint set to press, toggle, and hold at the same time (not incline, though a good idea done poorly, since you're always sprinting, even slowly, but have a stamina system). On press, which is hold forward and click L3 once to you sprint and it turns off when you stop, it sometimes keeps it on as though you are holding the button down still. When this happens, walking forward triggers sprint and you cannot crouch, and you must press sprint again to turn it off. This is completely random, so you might try to sprint and suddenly start walking.

    To fix this, go to controls where you can customize the button mapping and inputs (something I've never seen on console before), and change it from press to hold. It never keeps sprint on at random and, if you time it right, you can release L3 and keep sprinting instead of pushing the thumbstick in and tilting it forward the whole time. So far, while I still need to get used to it, the game is fun. Best loot system for a single player story game so far.

  3. If I buy the AC Valhalla Season Pass now, will the future dlcs also be free to play or just the ones that are out now?

  4. I'm waiting for ff dissidia to be on sale to grab it with all characters, now that I the money it haven't been on sale lol.

  5. Fast foward 3min if you want to avoid him waffling about nothing and repeating himself to pad out his video.

  6. In canada xbox vs ps store sale

    Metal gear v sony 5$/ xbox 10$

    Devil may cry sony 20$ / xbox 30$

    I have a series x but all the games are way cheaper on my ps4.

  7. Hopefully Dark Souls 3 complete and Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC go on sale. Just finished getting platinum on Demons Souls Remake and now I have an itch for soulsbourne games ?

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