My new Xbox Racing Wheel Setup – Unboxing Fanatec CSL DD Direct Drive (F1 2021, Forza Horizon 5)

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Unboxing gameplay impressions of new Fanatec CSL DD Direct-Drive racing wheel setup on Xbox Series X. Wheel base and add-ons. McLaren GT3 V2 and WRC steering wheels. Forza Horizon 5 and F1 2021 gameplay. Thanks to Fanatec for sending the free product samples for the video.
$1000 PS5 Racing Wheel Setup
Forza Horizon 5 press kit
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CSL DD (8 Nm)

CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 v2


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  1. I honestly wish I could have thus setup for myself because I've been wanting a racing wheel for ages so I can take a game like F1 more seriously and feel more emursed in it but I don't got no money for dat

  2. The racing wheel could be very difficult to play on any racing games on every device consoles but it's wroth of practicing it for a serious racing.

  3. on game formula 1 .have view with helmet …do you show something game with that view in helmet of cars racing game.

  4. I am wondering when Microsoft fully supports Fanatec stuff on Xbox. As of now display and rev lights on wheel does not work, buttons cannot be fully assigned (F1 wheel), Pedals v3 FFB not working… any news on that?

  5. കാറോടിക്കാൻ കൊതിയുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ഒരെണ്ണം വാടകയ്ക്കു എടുത്ത് ഓടിച്ചാൽ പോരെ എന്തിനാണ് ഇത്രയും വല്യ സെറ്റപ്പ് അണ്ണാ

  6. Why no sharp corners. Makes me think you don’t want people to see the wheel doesn’t handle corners well. Like the Logitech wheel. If you turn the slightest bit to much in Horizon 5 the car spins out. But who has the time to sit and waste a day trying to config these wheels to every specific game. My wheel sits in a box until Forza Motorsport. Comes out. It works better with Motorsport than horizon

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