My Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

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A list of my Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

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  1. Fantastic video Jordan and a incredible list of brilliant titles, Deus Ex was superb they did a director's cut of the game which added content and fixed loads of stuff too. Shame the sequel was a bit disappointing. But super video mate ?

  2. Glad to see a new gaming related video Jordan. Some interesting choices. Not a huge fan of Halo 4 myself but I like that you included it instead of the more popular entries in that franchise.

    When are you going to return to Football Manager to save Everton though?

  3. great video bud, but come on Halo 4 over reach and 3? haha the story was good, but it was the first time halo never felt like you was fighting alongside the marines, and it was the first time it also felt claustrophobic due to 343 changing the hud layouts and reticule position, personally i liked it but wish you chose reach or 3 over it haha. good video nonetheless, im just a huge halo fan boy so naturally felt triggered hahaha

  4. Crazy that although most of the online servers have been modded to hell, you can still play that CoD4 online on PS3. I still do from time to time..

  5. Excellent video Jordan. Loved it mate. Xbox 360 is one of my favourite consoles. In my top 3 for sure. Great choices mate. Gears of war, gta5, and, cod Morden warfare all incredible games. Really happy to see those games on the list.??

  6. good list mate, some notable horror games I enjoyed not sure if you played

    the darkness
    Alan wake
    dead space

  7. You did a terrific job describing why each game was among your Top favorites in this list! Of all 10 you selected we only share one but a great one which is "GTA 5"! I too went to the midnight launch & filmed that special occasion including installing it in my 360 then filming some early fun game-play of it, sadly YT muted the entire audio from 10 unfortunate seconds of a Heart song accidentally coming over my car stereo speakers on the trip to my midnight launch at Gamestop, so I deleted one of my best videos because of that. I spent well over 100 hours obtaining every single collectible as well as all main missions & side quest getting 100%, it is my favorite "GTA" game to this day as much as I love that initial Trilogy starting with "GTA 3" which ironically I'm re-playing right now via the "Definitive Edition" set on my PS4 Pro & very much enjoying them! I agree with you on "GTA 4" which I never finished but do want to re-play it to completion in the near future & the two well loved expansion DLC's. You chose very popular Xbox 360 games to be sure, every one is loved by the masses compared to my Top 10 which I will do a "Video response" very soon to share them with my viewers & yours! I love that you aren't afraid to mix it up with some gaming videos which shows you have other passions like I do aside from movies which I don't talk about as much via my "Escape To Cinema" series. Filming my first update video today then I will do a response vid on your excellent Top 10 topic mate!

  8. Xbox 360 had some gems! There are still some games that need to be remade or at least ported to the next gen consoles.

  9. Arkham City is a fantastic game. I would probably put that higher up. Could never get on board with the fallout games. Something about them just never gelled with me. Some great titles in there though mate ?

  10. Mannnn I loved the my 360, best console for me and so much fun online. Modern Warfare, Battlefield Bad Company & Left 4 Dead were the games I played most. Still got most of my games but my console is busted (really loud fan every single time and then cuts itself out, really should chuck it out haha) ??

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