Dying light 2

New Techland 30th Anniversary Outfit For Dying Light Plus New Docket Codes

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How to get the New 30th Anniversary outfit and some Gold weapons! So Techland are currently celebrating 30 years of making …


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  1. ROBOKAST, PSISYN and HELL are all old codes so if you've already redeemed them before then you won't be able to use them again ??

  2. With how they’ve supported this game for so long I’m excited to see the support 2 will get, but sad to know that the support for this game will be ending when 2 does come out

  3. thanks, its incredible that its not even 3 months until dl 2 comes out and they still give dl so much support, i remember monster hunter world last year, 4 months before the new monster hunter came out all we got was:"here is a screwed up version of a raid boss that you can solo after 10 hours" and that was it, until they removed usefull stuff 2 weeks ago.

  4. any idea how to level up faster ?

    i am stuck at level 170 and them gre packages are just not useful anymore

    nightmare mode btw

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