POISON IS TOTALLY BROKEN!!! Best Mesa Poison Build | Godfall PS5 Gameplay

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Hey, guys today I show you one of the strongest ailments in the game when you pair it with the strongest charm in the game. Poison is totally op when you pair it up with the God Beast Ichor.

Artiel9 Godfall Content Creator God Beast Ichor Theory –


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Intro: (0:00)
Build Overview: (0:56)
Weapons: (1:28)
Gear: (2:21)
Augments: (4:06)
Skills/Stats/Ascension: (5:27)
Showcase: (7:20)


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  1. You kinda need the star with the double primary’s because weapon tech doesn’t charge fast enough I made the exact same build from you ??‍♂️

  2. You forgot to say, whitout double charm and prime overheal mod, this build is less efectivness. Double charm only in dlc ( not in challenger edition! Thanks guid

  3. Am new to godfall but what an amazing game thank you for your build iv only just finished grinding the caranage one now time for this one ?

  4. im gussing it gets calculated by multipliying it each time it spread to an enemy, cool and definitely fun
    Although i still prefer Grayhawk, the cape literally looks like feathers 😀 and the overhealth build is forgiving enough to reach floor 20 without taking away the challenge

    Still gonna try it lol

  5. Are there any alternatives for the reliquary of the bear? Is the only item for this build that I don't have

  6. You made the build!!! Thanks!!! I thought u had a good build myself but I see I can improve a lot more watching this video!!!

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