PS4 Save Mounter on 9.00 Tutorial

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PS4 save mounter for 9.00:


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  1. I will try to simplify this and make it look easier in a future video, cause I'm sure this looks complicated but it's really simple

  2. Dude I swear I followed every step and it feels I was doing/undoing the same thing everytime… in the end I don't even know if what I was trying is possible: I have saves from Bloodborne on a PS5, wanted to pass it to a JB ps4 pro, the problem is, the CUSA is different. I don't if would work in the first place.

  3. Any ideas for Fallout4? It also has a control and setting save files. So even with just 1game save you have 6 files total, not 2. I have replaced just the 2 like in this video and then all 6 with no success in either case.

  4. Hey everytime I try to connect in ps4 save mount it's says connection failed,what should I do, I'm on jb 9.00,plz tell why is the connection failed also, all files of ps4 save mount I'm downloading has seperate Two files as well ,do I need to extract those and put in dame folder or just extract the ps4 save mount file, kindly guide.

  5. Is there any way to do this without using Filezilla? I never succeded in connecting with the FTP. I tried disabling firewall and all…

  6. I have a problem, when I try to do that everything goes well until I give setup it makes it load, but when it says “ setup is complete '' my user does not appear, only the blank tab and when I try to give it another You say "uncontrolled extension of the application" can you help me?

  7. im trying to do this for need for speed from ps4 to another ps4, but everything is totally different. can you please do a video for need for speed

  8. thank you soo much for this apollo save tool for the ps4 win you get it don all the way can you add all the tools and files we will need to git it working on or ps4,s thank you

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