Raiding The Biggest Gen1 Mesh Bases Ark Xbox Official PvP

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Raiding Crazy Fat Mesh Bases
discord GM Recon0797 Selling everything IG on Xbox or selling working mesh methods


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  1. go in from highest point in lunar or bog use climbing picks and sleepings and ur in preetty ez , you have to be a bob to build in border when there is so many methods to get in . RIp them bobs

  2. Any idea how to get into ci mesh? We've got a tribe fobbed in the mesh underneath our base we can't get to, so we can't wipe it

  3. U do know when u put thing in or out of ur inventory u can hold A down for a sec and it will transfer the items

  4. You should try smalls, sooo many mesh bases to be found! The only problem is nobody really looks for them on smalls lol

  5. Are you selling the method of how to mesh gen 1? I want to get rid of some meshers on a server but all my methods got patched

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