ranking every weapon from WORST to BEST in Battlefield 2042

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  1. I don’t Like burst weapons but the AC42 Is a beam u can kill someone before they can even process what happened

  2. 1. Sentry
    2. Sentry
    3. Sentry
    4. Sentry
    5. Sentry
    6. Sentry
    7. Sentry
    8. Sentry
    9. Sentry
    10. Sentry
    11. Sentry
    12. Sentry
    13. Sentry
    14. Sentry
    15. Sentry
    16. Sentry
    17. Sentry
    18. Sentry
    19. Max's Australian accent
    20. Mackays one liners

  3. is the GVT 45-70 (Government weapon) not considered to be a lever action slug shotgun? it's in the shotgun category so it can't be a sniper rifle

  4. favourite weapons: AC-42, AK-24, M5A3, PKP-BP
    least favourite: maybe the pump action shotgun. i don't like how u have to get a headshot to get a one shot kill with the SWS-10 and the DXR-1, but i won't put a sniper at the bottom since sniping can be fun. these guns might be close though

    so basically i normally like burst fire ARs and i got the AC-42 lately. it's really good – probably the second best gun in the game since the pkp is currently a bit busted (not complaining about it – it is really fun to use, but it will get nerfed inevitably)
    i maybe like the ak more than the m5
    i haven't unlocked the NTW-50, VCAR or K30, but i used the K30 in the beta.

  5. pulls out knife “ i would rank this higher but with the current game and the maps and the developers it sucks ass”

  6. Ak24 is definitely higher than that. The LCMG used to be great then they nerfed it and it's not as accurate and just feels off. The PKP is great, but it's not perfect it's inconsistent IMO..
    K30, AK24, AC42 and MP9 those guns are very consistent and hence top my list with ease.

  7. I hate how they ruined the PP29. The recoil pattern is so bad now. It's Wobbly side to side and first shot high vertical recoil. They did too much nerfing..
    If they wanted to "reign it in" a little all they would need to do is increase the vertical recoil a little bit. Keep the otherwise minimal horizontal recoil.

    Also, the PP29 was only the best gun because all the other guns were bad. It was the only functional gun. It also pisses me off that Drunkzee the gun balancer said that he didn't think they should nerf it because the other guns needed to be fixed instead. Yet he nerfed it anyway.

  8. Pkp will get a nasty nerf, this is bf Vietnam m60 all over…also rest of machine guns will get a Nerf they are all lasers

  9. M5, AK, and the K30 are my most favorite thus far. Least favorite is the bitch ass svk. Not because it sucks, but because its too easy to use. But that’s just my opinion. Nice video max, keep up the good work ?

  10. I think the sfar should not be considered good based on its GL. The fact that you cant equip any grips actually makes the gun worse due to its lack of versatility. Maybe its GL is better than other ones due to its reload speed, but its overall more detrimental due to it limiting the guns customization

  11. Fav weapons
    1) k30
    2) pbx
    3) mp9
    Worst weapon imo
    1) Ntw
    I'm talking g of course about the sniper. It just doesn't feel good. Yeah it 1 shots but feels super heavy and just so slow. We all know as a sniper grind it feels like you have to hardscope with the ntw just based on how big clunky and slow it feels. Like you defintly need cover it's just not aggressive enough

  12. Mp28 & G57 out play half the weapons on the list. They even have better range than so e once leveled! But I get why they were not in vid. Just pathetic number of weapons, attachments, and selection as a whole. I like many of the weapons but attachments don't feel like they work or have wonky trade offs to benefits that make no sense. Example, bigger mag does affect ads but should reduce recoil & increase accuracy due to same physics-the additional weight helps stabilize weapon!

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