RIDE 4 | Mixed Supersport Race At Oulton Park!! (Xbox Series X)

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I have a supersport race at Oulton park with some bikes which shouldn’t be in the category!
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  1. Not a bad race in all fairness, but I have noticed on the bigger bikes or the supersports that the rear tyre goes down fast and when it does you really notice. When you crashed on L5 your rear was down to 23% maybe the hard could of been the saviour in the later stage…. who knows. Only a re run with the same set up and hard rear would tell the difference

  2. It's so cool to ride around this circuit with Supersports! Did a race with the 765 Daytona few days ago, it sucks I can't race against 19 riders on ps4 sice the maximum is 11… but I'm going to try this race for sure and see if I will get on the podim too despite racing against riders on 1000s ahahha

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