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Run, Jump, Fight | Dying Light 2 Main Theme

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Dying Light’s soundtrack is one its most iconic characteristics. Its synth/electro/pop score added an unexpected but somehow perfect ambience to Harran and its soul.
Now, I’ve been following its sequel for quite some time now, excited as ever. And recently, I just discovered that its main theme was released about a month ago. I was surprised at how different this music is, but the new composer; Olivier Derivière, has already proven himself worthy in 4 minutes. He keeps the first game’s iconic electro touches, but has created a faster-paced and more orchestral score to represent the 20 year jump in the game’s story. Things are different, and so is the score. He wants to represent the broken, but also beautiful thematics of the world. I’ve fallen in love with this theme and absolutely cannot wait to see what else Derivière delivers us come February 2022.

Here’s an extended version if you’re interested: https://youtu.be/bhPU0DyGn30

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