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Should YOU Buy Call of Duty Vanguard? (2022 Honest Review)

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Today we take a look at the totality of Call of Duty Vanguard
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  1. HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Be safe with this year's New Year's Eve, and remember to leave a like if you enjoyed today's video <3 <3 <3

  2. Hell I'd take aw2 over this…..also apart of me feels like vanguard was supposed to be a Vietnam game

  3. The game is fun for what it is. It’s definitely broken as hell, but still fun. The kill streaks don’t really do much unless it’s the top 3-4 streaks. They need to make the mortar strike like it was in WW2 where you call it in on a map instead of throwing a disk out.

  4. I was in a lobby and someone was yelling like, hey how you filthy hack have those skins already, you only level whatever. Turns out you only have to max out one unit to get them instead of all. I got this game as part of an exchange so I’m playing but your points here are well fare. Great job as always Nero and have a happy and safe new year.

  5. My friends act like Activision can do no wrong. It frustrates me, knowing there has to be thousands more people like my friends who will put up with anything and defend Activision no matter what.

    Thank you for being honest.

  6. i defended this game, in Beta, and INITIAL launch.. seemed.. great..
    Dev error for skins.. and now Dev error for…..?? who knows what ?? trying to help my Bro out, get leveled up. literaly a Dev error every other match, kicks me out completely.
    Server disconnects
    running around on fire, lit up like a "SHOOT ME NOW" sign.
    still shooting people with a half or bigger mag and NOT KILLING THEM. seen clips, player unloads entire clip. from 10m, and still DIES to the player he is shooting ( not even a riot shield glitch, just a zero hit marker glitch )
    riot shields must STILL be protecting fronts of players, i keep losing to players i am shooting who have a shield, rest of them ? not hardly.
    head shots- be nice if they actually HIT the target-snipers are busted in MP it seems..not broken. busted.
    enough as you said, with shaking the ground for almost EVERYTHING.. we arent playing on a teetering wooden platform 20 feet in the air on stilts where a dog fart shakes the floor.
    you cant shoot, you cant aim, you cant PLAY the F**king GAME…
    and launchers.. YES i know. camos.. other than that.. they need to LIMIT launcher ammo for every player to like 10 rds.. OR, give them a "Shotguns n Launchers only" or "Shotguns, riot shields, and Launchers only" matches.. F***King sick of launchers when trying to level up guns or complete challenges
    challenges- ANYONE get the "Kills while player has a spy plane up" or "Kills while player is using radar" ??? anyone ?? i cant
    and forget the 15 kills without dying 3 times shit… we arent all COD PRO"S…
    ok. rant over.. congrats again on the 100day badge.. that is a nice milestone to hit, especially these shitty days..(Covid bullshit that is).
    and surfing is a blast.. but, so is snow skiing… skiing is a lot more expensive though..

  7. How they cant get this right after all these years. Stop with these annually releases, they obviously cant keep up. Just make an amazing Cod and add new perks and streaks etc throughout 2 yr lifespan of the game is how it should be. Dont care even if they charge us for the new stuff. Just make a great quality game in every aspect.

  8. Packet burst is ALL GAME LONG………………………………. period… in red mostly, sometimes orange…

  9. Never really played Zombies but got bored of destiny after day 1 play….Vanguard got my attention….Used to play cod from MW2 Original….Blackops etc….Just Played Vangaurd Zombies For A WEEK AND REALISED YOU CAN LEVEL Every Single Weapon Up In NO AMMOUNT OF TIME….Also i Went Ham on the Combat Shotty….LOVE IT…

  10. That's why things like this are so subjective. Cause I 100% agree with everything you're saying and all the issues with this game definitely piss me off, but I would play this with all it's issues before playing Cold War any day and I'd never recommend someone play CW instead of this. Most COD games, I have played for almost the entire year until the next one. Cold War is the ONLY cod that I quit after a few weeks. ? and I been playing cod a VERY long time.

  11. My biggest problem with call of duty’s over the last 8 years is how fast gameplay is. I prefer the cod 4 – ghosts was. Opens up the maps more and is less bs chaos

  12. Done with games pushing stupid feminist bullshit on me. Done playing ww2 games that are full of women operators.
    MGMA- Make Games Masculine Again

  13. Just recently played this on line player an it just crashed when o left the game . This has 2 be one off the worst games I've ever played. An as a cod fan . I'm not sure in getting this franchised any more …….is flecking wastefull

  14. There are more female characters to choose from than man lol. Why can’t we have a German to choose from? Or Russian ? Or Mexican American ??

  15. Absolutely right! Do not buy this game! Biggest regret buying COD ever! It’s so f’n horrible! Horrendously bad! I bought it on sale also. The maps suck big time and it’s back to camp of duty! If you run and gun, you’ll be destroyed! Skip this one!

  16. Been playing cod since the beginning . By far the worst cod game in existence . I’m sure the world can agree . Never seen cod get this much flak before .

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