Spider-Man 2: The Game! XBOX Part 1 – YoVideogames

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  1. This and Ultimate Spider-Man were so good. Would love a HD remaster of Ultimate tho, they nailed the comic book graphic style

  2. This ABSO-FRAKING-LUTELY takes me back

    MOST DEFINITELY fraking enjoyed this vid of Spider-Man 2 for Original Xbox

    Looking forward towards watching this playthrough

  3. The nostalgia came rushing back super hard… I'd enjoy just popping this in so I could swing around the city as that music played

  4. Definitely One of the best games I have in a the long time. SP2 was the first Spider man Game I Played besides SP1. So many good memories

  5. I remember coming back to this game a year ago on the gamecube. Boy does it not age well. The swinging is still fun, yet clunky and does take shortcuts with air webs during certain heights. The combat is fun when enemies ragdoll like crazy. Most missions are still shit tho (except Mysterio ones).

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