The Best Switch Controller now on Xbox

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The 8bitdo Pro 2 has been a popular option for the Nintendo Switch, and there’s now an Xbox version with a whole different set of controllers to face off against. How does it fare?
Interested in grabbing the Pro 2? Got here!

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  1. I bought this controller for the switch and tbh, I haven’t like it one bit. The controller feels too small and hard to grip, the sticks are too short and I miss the first party connectivity that you get with a regular switch controller or Xbox controller

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  3. This controller would actually convince me to buy an Xbox. Mainly cause I'm Sony fan since forever and alway loved there controller and layout and the fact that Sony kept the style the same pretty much since the start.

  4. I wish the xbox one was wireless, I'd have totally have gotten that for my PC to play halo, but I want to move away from my wired 360 not just another flavour of a wired controller.

  5. This’ll be the perfect option for those that are taking advantage of the emulation capabilities of both new Xbox consoles- more focus on the d- pad.

  6. Wow. Amazon got this to me in only about 5 hours. I am loving it playing my games on Xbox. I don't have to try to "switch left hand habits" between playing on Xbox vs PS4.

  7. I immediately went to Amazon and ordered one. I play on PC, PS4, and Xbox S. I don't like the standard Xbox controller joystick placement. Probably because I started on a PS4. I strongly wanted a PS style controller for my Xbox. This was a God send.

  8. Few things I had this controller since the 8th basically when it came out. This controller is perfect for Xbox or pc gamers. The funny part is thsi connect wireless to your phone and also the headphones jack works on pc. Second thing Nintendo does have controllers with headphones jacks except they are wired and it does work.

  9. Does this controller work on the Switch as is? I wanted a Switch controller with no input latency an it looks more premium so I was curious.

  10. I see the 8bitdo pro 2 as something similar to like a racing wheel or a fight stick, it is a specialized controller. This controller has it's niche (2d styled games) and it does very well in those areas, but it doesn't really succeed in games that are outside of that niche (games that make heavy use of the thumbsticks and/or shoulder buttons, like first person shooters). It can work well for those types of games, but there are better options out there for them.

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  12. If I am playing a 2d game, I want my Dpad at the top. If i'm playing 3d game, I want my analog at the top. 8bitdo retro controller is great for that. side note. I actually prefer to play srb2 kart with my 8bitdo controller. Something about it just feels right lol!

  13. If this had gyro, it would be great to use on pc. Having both gyro and the correct buttons displaying would be the dream

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  15. I got my first Xbox (series S) just two weeks ago, and after trying that controller for a while, I ordered this one as soon as I saw it on Amazon. So much more comfortable for me; but, I am used to PS controllers more, and my hands are not the same size as yours.

    Edit: Also, it depends on HOW you hold your controller. I don't hold them the way Kevin does at all, so there is no issue with the ridge on the lower shoulder button. I keep the index finger on the top shoulder button, and the middle finger on the bottom; never have an issue with the ridge, then.

  16. I’m so confused to why anyone wants a wired controller or a Xbox controller with the side by side sticks. Great review but NO thank you!!

  17. I'm so happy to see you reviewing this. Been debating on getting this since I have the mobile version. Thanks my dude

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