The ESSENTIAL Xbox Gift Guide For 2021

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The holidays are here! If you’re still looking from some prestigious gamer gifts for Christmas this year then look no further – we have controllers, hardware, consoles, Game Pass, chairs and even a mini fridge. Get your loved ones one of these incredible presents and you could well pop an achievement for Best Gift Giver Ever.

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  1. Who decided to make this knowing that most of these items are sold out everywhere lol they could’ve at least acknowledged it

  2. I am happy got Xbox series x hola limited addition Cancel and 20 Anniversary controller charger and got the day striker red camouflage controller Xbox series fan light up hdmi cord with cool Symbol in the middle hopefully ? I can get hard diver hola 2 tb go with it

  3. Lol i can't recommend the elite controller. Thing breaks very easily. Dropped mine off my 3 foot tall end table, the bumpers stopped working. Dropped it a second time off my lap and now the right trigger jams.
    It was great before that however. so if you aren't as clumsy as I am it is a gem. For the price I kinda expected a bit more durability than a coffee cup

  4. Does anyone know what the real life difference between the elite controller vs standard controller when it comes to improving gameplay. I mainly play racing games.

  5. Elite series 2 controller is trash. Had to send it in after a month. A button wore out fast. Got it back and the A button is done again. ??‍♂️

  6. Shame they don’t mention the fact that the Backbone game controller isn’t compatible with the iPhone 13 range….

  7. I haven't been able to find any xbox series X consoles. Even when Microsoft emailed me, they weren't available.
    Somehow stockX has shitloads for $650. Fuckers!

  8. I love xbox but the durability of their controllers is super weak, I really wish they redesign the controller im tired of changing controllers every 3 months sometimes less

  9. Would be nice to have the series x in stock and pay actual retail price and not the double or sometimes triple prices that scalpers have done

  10. Hey guys ………..

    Don't list stuff we cannot get because they are limited edition -_- the halo edition elite 2 is being eaten up by the damn scalpers charging over £80+ over the damn rrp

  11. Still no mention of the Elite 3 controller. The Series 2 was great with my Xbox One X, but I’m still waiting for the Elite 3. And maybe Xbox Wireless Pro headphones, I like nice audio quality.

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