The Future Of Battlefield – My Honest Opinion

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Where does Battlefield go from here? This is what I think.
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  1. If 2042 had been produced as content and game modes for a Portal-based Battlefield Universe it is likely that none of this debacle would have occurred.

    Ripple Effect need fan support to develop a true Battlefield Universe as frontrunner and platform to host F2P content and a much more expansive range of content for EA Play and a new Battlefield Universe subscription.

  2. The signs where there but now its confirmed; Jack is not honest here and the videos he does on 2042 are a source of income first and personal honest opinion second.

  3. For me there is absolutely nothing they can do with this game to make me want to play it. I cancelled my pre order after playing the beta. It's a total cartoon game. I admittedly like Call of Duty but I played BF for a more gritty/realistic experience (even though it was always far from a hardcore shooter). They strayed too far into COD/Fortnight type arcadey games.

  4. I'm losing more and more respect for levelcap every time he uploads a video mentioning that he thinks the game is good haha.

    You can only push the suspension of disbelief so far before it becomes pure hopium.

  5. It's clear by it's early design choice to trend chase that it won't. Fixing this game would mean spending time and money for a potentially small return as so many people have left with a bad taste in their mouths.

    This game could be great, but that would mean setting aside profit for pride and love of the franchise. That not profitable, especially to EA who are the reason it failed. RIP ol' friend, it was fun while it lasted.

  6. I hope this game crashes and burns and ends this franchise for a couple years. I love Battlefield but they need to take a couple years off and get rid of a lot of people and bring in actual fans of the series to build a proper title.

  7. I think this game is dead and they are gonna drop support completely. This game has such a minimal amount of effort put into it. I think the only reason it sold better than 5 was because we were in a dry season for video games. Everyone was burnt out from warzone and wanted something else. I think a lot of gamers bought 2042 thinking it was gonna be like warzone and actual battlefield players were turned off by the beta, because any real battlefield player knows this game isn't battlefield. This game is dead. It over. They need to do a redo. Now that steam is issuing refunds for player than have 50 plus hours in the game tell me the game is dead as well.

  8. Did I hear you correctly when you said they were afraid of changing with the times?? They literally follow every trend that makes a buck to the point that the foundation of Battlefield is nonexistent. I mean, ditching the class system, no scoreboard, wth? They could have updated BF4 and launched that with less of an issue. So glad I did a 180 away from this dumpster fire of a game. EA deserves to crash and burn.

  9. This shit doesn't even feel like battlefield…..I only play Portal and even that is getting unplayable since there only 4 maps that I enjoy….

  10. I get you made your bones off BF cap but this game is dead. Move on and start focusing on other games and leave BF behind like the rest of us. This comes across like Stockholm syndrome.

  11. Cap, I know your trying to look at this from a light at the end of the tunnel approach but this just comes across as blind hope. The franchise has been massacred by pure greed and thinking EA will give DICE the funding required to fix this game is looking really slim due to the fact the entire foundation of the game is broken from the engine to sound, map structure, game mechanics, UI, netcode etc. A lot is needed to fix this mess and I don't think EA will ever fund the resources required for a complete overhaul.

  12. The fact they got rid of the vehicle reload system from battlefield 5 and 1 is a step back that's like a good game feature to prevent vehicles from just having unlimited ammo 24/7 I was pretty disappointed in also the fact everyone can run a sentry gun is annoying it should be a pick-up item on a objective somewhere

  13. I don't think they're going to be able to turn it around, because:
    -previous horrible launches had technical problems, not deep design problems;
    -they tried to target casual/teens with this game, the same target audience of Fortnite and CoD: colorful/atmosphere (not gritty, despite story and concept arts), characters (looks and voice lines), etc. The problem is that in that part of the market the competition is brutal (and EA already has a game there, Apex). I guess it would have made more sense to cater this game for another audience, their old one: the competition is far weaker there, and there are no AAA games for console;
    -veteran devs leaving is bad because Battlefield runs on Frostbite, which is a difficult and unique engine to work for and you need experience.

    I guess EA will pull the plug soon, on both Dice and Bf: it's the second game that fails for its own fault, and they just want make big budget AAA games ultra profitable trough microtransactions (Sport Games, Apex, NFS, etc) and the occasional lower budget game that boost a bit their reputation: It takes two. Whatever game doesn't fall in one of those categories it will be cancelled. (the list of all titles killed by EA)

  14. Winning the fans back on that one is going to be the hardest yet. Hopes were so high yet they fell so low, the gap is incredible.
    Luckly, they have experience in that. And so much is at stake now.

  15. Been playing battlefield 1 all week and the difference is night and day. I can actually do well because bf1 maps aren't all flat open fields with absolutely no cover. Also there aren't a bunch of pc lards getting sweat and grease all over me in bf1.

  16. If all the failed games over the past few years have taught me anything, its that roadmaps are just suggestions by developers are they stick to them only when they feel like it.

  17. 2:26
    what a bunch of lies. “Their communication over the holidays has been decent”… wtf they literally said no patches until 2022 and even still there hasn’t been any major changes or bug fixes.

  18. Allow me to reply, as you asked. Given that I am commenting several weeks after your original post, there are now more You Tube content providers that have joined your chorus. Congratulations, I always knew you to be ahead of the others. However, this push against the BF 2042 gameplay is unwarranted in my experience. The game is fun to play without anything needing to be done to it. Sure, I would like to have voice communications at least with a crew-served vehicle or maybe a faster animated process when reviving team-mates, but it really doesn't spoil the experience for me. If the Developers appear to be getting unenthusiastic in their support of the product, we (the Players) should hold the social media "influencers" responsible for bringing this upon us. I bought a game. It is fun. That is all I expect.

  19. You should be ashamed of yourself for spewing so many lies, this game is not battlefield at all and that's the problem plus the lack of content for a full price game…

  20. As of right now, according to Steam charts, BF2042 has 7,576 players currently playing. It ranks as the 93rd most popular game to currently play. Cyberpunk 2077 ranks number 72 with 12,000 people currently playing.
    I'm heartbroken

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