The Xbox Handheld is real

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A portable Xbox is coming!

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Xbox Could Have Kept Bungie:
“At the time they had big ambitions. They had sold their business for a certain amount of money. They saw what Halo turned into. And it’s like, ‘OK, Microsoft benefited more than Bungie did from the success of Halo.’ There’s no other story that can be written there.”

He continued, referencing Bungie’s next big hit, the sci-fi shooter, Destiny: “If you’re saying, ‘Hey, I think I’ve got another one of those in me. I want to really take another chance,’ I can understand the allure of doing that as an independent company.”

When asked if he thought the split from Microsoft was inevitable, or if the tech giant could have held on to them, he responded: “Could we do it today? I think we could.”

During a recent GQ profile, the Xbox boss revealed that Microsoft is pushing him to line up his successor.

“Clearly, as somebody who has been here for 33 years, I have more years behind me than ahead of me,” he told GQ. “But the longevity of this team, the sustainability of this team, there’s nothing that’s more important to me right now than that.”

Commenting specifically on succession, Spencer added: “You should do it when you think about the long-term health of the team. To make sure the team is in a good place. That the culture of the company is in a good place. And that we’re making the right decisions on who to bet on. That has got to outlive me.”

Check out these Demos:
The [email protected] Winter Game Fest is a digital demo event coming on December 7, where players can try out new demos for future games coming to Xbox. There are over 35 of them being released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

According to Xbox Wire, the event will run through December 21. The demos at the event aren’t typical game demos as most people see them. In Xbox’s traditional demo channel on platforms like the Xbox Live storefront, the demos that are hosted there represent the final version of the games after they’ve nearly been completed. However, the demos at the Winter Game Fest are very early demos, similar to ones you’d see at a video game convention or trade show.

These demos will only be available for a limited time, although some might be re-published later. The full list of demos will be announced soon as the date nears December 7, but here are some of the highlights already announced:

Play Halo Infinite for $1
Halo Infinite campaign reviews just went live, and they’ve been positive. We at Windows Central loved it. However, if you aren’t an active Xbox Game Pass subscriber or are looking to enjoy the game without committing to buying a month of Game Pass at full price, here’s how you can make use of the current deals to get Game Pass, and by proxy Halo Infinite’s campaign, for only a $1.

MIcrosoft is currently running promotions for people who are returning or new subscribers to Game Pass on Xbox and PC. First off, PC players can buy Game Pass for three months for only $1.

Handheld Xbox!
According to a Windows Central report, Microsoft has spent a considerable amount of time “dabbling” in Xbox-focused handheld console prototypes. This bit of insight comes amid news out of Razer and Qualcomm Technologies about a new Snapdragon-powered handheld device, the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1. During a recent summit to reveal the technology, Razer and Qualcomm specifically mentioned Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming as services that would function well on the device.

For the last several years, Nintendo has remained uncontested in the handheld space, with Sony, in particular, ceding ground after the PlayStation Vita failed to move the needle in terms of sales. The Switch’s incredible success led many to believe PlayStation would rejoin the fight, but Sony’s interest in dedicated gaming hardware now seems focused only on home consoles and virtual reality units. Valve recently threw its hat in the ring by announcing the Steam Deck this past summer, a Switch-like platform that will exclusively play games running on Steam. The Steam Deck’s delay to February 2022 ensures the wait for a high-end handheld will persist for a little while longer.


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  1. I hate when people wait till the end of the video to show you thing thing you clicked on. ? like ok…waste my time talking about things I don’t care about.

  2. I hate souls games and I hate when people compare all these games to souls games just because they don’t have a save point on hand like that’s literally why I hate souls games if they made a souls esk game with the option to manually save and u can have an on and off switch in the settings which would completely disable or enable on the fly saves because I like midevil dark hack and slash knight games with looter shooter features it would completely open souls type games to different play styles because a lot of people steer away from souls type games Souley because if this feature

  3. I wanted to leave for the first ten minutes because I thought the video was mistitled. After ten minutes, I realized I was right.

  4. Halo online is cht with prisms and design usee was seeing the matrix and bolts of lightning mow see why its called halo

  5. I wonder how the service for 5g will be? I'm sure we would have to pay extra for a 5g service thru their handheld. I mean we can always setup our phone as a hotspot, but that almost eliminates the purpose of this handheld device. It'd be awesome if we can download the games to a micro sd like the Switch does!

  6. The hand held xbox needs the xbox box controller split in half and on each end of the screen. The problem with the switch is holding and using the controller i fell.

  7. No need for Microsoft to create a portable. Their xcloud feature works wonders on many devices . Not to mention the portable gaming PCs that are out or coming out …… *cough steam deck .

    An tbh I actually enjoy xcloud . I use it daily an don’t get any of that lag/delay.

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