Top 20 Dynamic PS4 Themes | PS4 9.00 Jailbreak | Theme Collection | Tutorial | Permanent

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Running through 20 Handpicked Themes for your PS4 Which are Dynamic & Permanent despite being Jailbroken also showing you where you can get over 870+ Themes!

NOTE : This will only work on a Jailbroken PS4 | When you download a Theme, You will have 2 Files. Labeled 1 and 2 (at the end of the file names) Install ‘1’ First and then when you Install ‘2’ It will prompt to over-write. Choose ‘Yes’ to over-write – It’s How you Install the Themes.

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*******************************************************************************************************Special Thanks to DarkSoftware & the following Uploaders to provide us with over 870 Themes at our. disposal :
AleCarlos18, Bender, bilal9999, BitMaP, Broka, Canzah, cats, cephyx, Colopolo, Danish24, dark90, dem0z, drata13, ecffg2010, ehabbeeboo, ElduceEscobar, frank sinatra, gammerfordement, Hansika Motwani, jwooh, Katakito, Mehdi087, mojib azad, MortalClapTrap, nate72, Nier49, PoorManGameMania, PS4nightmare, Psykzhack, rawezh, saintcarl, Samet Chan, Scofield_TR, seaboss28, Sgt_Skinner, snake78, softstar, sultanovic, the_legend6, Tifa Lockhart, TimMods, u53r53r, Vicios, Xian, ZachZS

00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Prerequisites
01:15 – Where to Download Themes?
02:47 – How to Download Themes?
04:58 – How to Transfer & Install Themes?
07:26 – Exclusive Festive Theme
07:47 – Game Of Thrones Season 7
08:11 – Last Of Us II – Burning Car
08:37 – Playstation 2020 Wrap Up
09:12 – Kong La Isla Calavera Theme
09:50 – Invasion of the Zombies
10:18 – God of War
10:57 – 4k Autumn Forest Theme
11:33 – Saruka Season Bloom
12:00 – Synthwave : MindWave
12:28 – Synthwave : Waves
12:50 – Synthwave : Canyon Run
13:22 – Kids Collection 1 – Toro
13:44 – Kids Collection 2 – Loco
14:00 – Final Fantasy VII Tifa
14:38 – Azure Earth Orbital
15:12 – XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen
15:55 – Uncharted Collection – Shipwreck
16:34 – Uncharted Collection – Among Theives
17:10 – Uncharted Collection – Lost Legacy
17:28 – The Flame in the Flood
17:52 – Nightmares Unhinged
18:43 – Hellblade
19:13 – Ai Chan Walk with Playstation
20:09 – Knack 2
20:45 – Final Theme
21:39 – Honorable Mentions
22:41 – Conclusion

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  1. Hey Bro,
    I have WD 1.5 TB external hard drive formatted into exfat.
    It works perfectly on my pc but when I plug it into PS4 it either doesn't recognise it or says unsupported file format.
    Other exfat pendrives work perfectly on PS4.
    Can you figure out what's the issues and how to solve it
    Please help

  2. I installed the theme …it's showing a lock on it … telling me to purchase it from the PS Store ….idk what to do

  3. Sir I’ve a question: (Can i change Retail (official) pkg update file to fpkg on pc?) ik it work when u dump ur game from a Cds on ps4 to external hdd and than make it fpkg but im looking for the one which i can creat fpkg file on PC from Retail pkg update file.

  4. As usual, you've nailed it with a brilliant piece of irreplaceable content.
    Final Fantasy VII Tifa steals it for me. Thank you Big Sam ?
    Merry Christmas in arrears and a happy New Year in advance ??

  5. hello sam great work man. plz can you make a video about online gaming on jailbreak 9.00 logmein hamachi r any other way to play with friends .

  6. My PS4 got ruined in 9.00 just updated I have got 10 kernal panic straight I am using San disk ultra 64gb pendrive I don't get message pop up of usb storage not supported I have done flash drive by using win32 any idea solution for this

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