Trading a Penny FOR a PS5 PlayStation 5 to a Tesla *BEST OF TRADES* Episode 10

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Trading a penny for a ps5 Playstation and then I am trading to a Tesla. I got the Playstation PS5 twice and I got the iphone 13 in this trade up challenge so far. This is a Best Of All The Trades that have been done in this Trade Up Series. The video before I opened the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebrations ultra premium collection box. I got the Pokemon Celebrations Charizard Gold Metal card which I sent out to get graded.
My last series I traded up to an iphone 13 and the series before that was a Playstation 5. I plan to keep trading up until I reach the value of a Tesla. This is a trade up challenge which started from the original idea of the paperclip challenge and the trading a paperclip for… This video is the first episode until I reach a PS5. See my other trade up series below. Let me know in the comments how I did?

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Penny to iPhone 13 Episode 1:

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  1. Thanks for all the support. Once I’m feeling better I’ll be back at trading. Thanks Dad for filling in. Dad will be picking his favorite comment.

  2. My favorite video was when Connor traded All his Pokémon cards with The DripDon to get Sacai Fragments. It was my favorite trade because when Connor walked in and noticed his drawing on the wall, I thought it was so funny I had to rewatch the clip at least 10 times.

  3. My favorite was 44 when he went to thesmokedon because the guy he bought it off of just looked into the abyss it was so funny

  4. My favourite is trade 19, it’s so heart warming how the store owner traded the PS5 for the Offwhite air maxes that he wanted to give to his daughter for Christmas ❤️

  5. My favorite trade has to be when he trades the chain for the shoes. This is where all the shoes started getting introduced and I was really interested at this point. This trade also introduced the new guy at the pawn shop he is a legend!

  6. ETBS for me i love pokemon and cant belive that conner could pull the charzard but i am guessing that you would pull way better cards love you

  7. Definitely The Penny for the Tv ? was his first trade to motivate him to make the trades after and after with more motivation!!!! get Better soon Connor & Keep Up The Great Uploads always enjoy watching your video’s after a long shift definitely always make me laugh and lift my day!!!!!

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