Warzone Pacific Content package no longer available error FIX PS4 PS5

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So you have the new ‘Content package no longer available error’ on your playstation and you’re wondering how to fix it…

All the websites are giving you terrible info; reboot the console, clear cache, reinstall the compatibility packs etc

Don’t bother. Just reinstall the entire game. Hehe. Simple. Believe me you’ll thank me.

As always, thanks for watching!

00:00 Intro
00:22 Identifying the content package is no longer available error
00:39 The help websites are awful
00:55 The GOLDFLAKE error has been fixed! hehe
01:19 Just delete Warzone and it will fix it
01:39 The operator rewards are broken
02:25 I am drunk. heh
02:57 Sum up

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  1. Lemme ask you guys something. Did you guys buy the full game, or download it off of someone else’s account. Because if you bought the game, and it’s still doing all this to you, there really is a major problem then. I can understand if I used my brothers account to get the game, but even then, I download everything on both profiles just so it wouldn’t bug. It’s never had this issue since MW came out. I’ve deleted the game two times in a row now. This time, I’m downloading warzone and warzone only. Didn’t bother with the multiplayer or the campaign. I’ll update if it’s a solid fix or not

  2. I tried this a couple of days ago, and it worked fine. And now the error is back. I'm quite close to contacting Raven or Activision to help. It's horrendous.

  3. That is not a fix! That's the obvious thing to do when you don't have a fix. There's me thinking someone had solved it.

  4. Im constantly having game crashes on the Ps5, for about 2 weeks now. Not the Dev error.
    Sometimes the game freeze and I have to close the game and getting error report. Other times I'm getting an error report right away. It happens 3 to 4 times on about 3 hours of gaming. I already did reinstall Warzone. After that it seems fixt for 2 hours, but after that it was back again.

  5. Hello there, that error started happening to me last night PACKAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE so annoying I deleted warzone and reinstalled again but after 2 games only because the problem continued, I email Activision this is so terrible the need to fix this problem right away.

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