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WoW Classic: Hardcore – Death Clips #24

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Welcome to the newest Episode of Classic Hardcore Death Clips. World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore is a community gaming …


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  1. As a healer main it hurts to see such a dogshit player get people kille, literally 1 holy light would have saved them but you couldn't even do that, 1 mechanic… sacrifice…heal the person who gets it… you had one job….hope everyone remembers his name and doesnt group with him as he will get you killed and then make excuses and lie saying "I couldn't heal you I dunno what to tell you man" waste of space!

  2. I simply cannot believe this DM healer didn't died once while leveling. There's no way you can be that fucking bad and make it to 60. He must have done other dungeons on his way to 60 and there's no way he didn't screw up before. It's a batshit easy mechanic to heal…. you know exactly who's going to get the damage and he failed at healing multiple times because that mage didn't have Iceblock which mean he had to use it before…. + rogue almost dying and the mage finally dying

  3. "I couldn't heal him!! My LoH didn't work!"

    As he literally cleansed the dead guy moments before he died with the same exact LoS. He coulda owned up to it, and said he messed up, but instead lies to the guy with 'muh spells bugged, i dunno what happened' lol

  4. Died yesterday on my 29lvl Hunter in Stormwind! while doing The Attack quest for Seal of Wrynn. Just before the quest I tamed a Bellygrub for charge level3, so the boar was terrible at tanking and actually somehow the message told me that I was killed by Bellygrub in SW! SOM is till new player friendly lol :¬)

  5. And the best thing of the Hero's Blood quest, the mob does not despawn. He waits in stealth for his next victim. 😉

  6. 1. Jumps around on cliffedge for several minutes, gets upset when he falls off. Serves you right.
    4. Pulls a million mobs, uses literally every ability around Intimidating Shout button, doesn't use Intimidating Shout. Serves you right.
    5. Is slowed for 60 seconds, therefore leashing is the only hope of escaping. Keeps hitting the attacking target, thus resetting the leash location. Serves you right.
    6. Walks into an elite tower alone, acknowledges location is a deathtrap. Makes no effort to secure exit route. Serves you right.
    7. Pulling dungeon mobs as a mage. Serves you right.
    10. Ok that was pretty funny
    11. Doing SFK as alliance. Serves you right.
    12. Arrogant multi-pulling, bad spacial awareness, terrible pet micro. Serves you right.

  7. For the warlock at the end, your pet was on passive. It's OK though we all make mistakes. And yes torment dies work on mechanical mobs.

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