Xbox Series S "Most Sought After Console" Beats PS5 Black Friday.. is a False Narrative

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  1. No Scalpers are picking up the Xbox SS as there's zero value in it.
    As for Xbox SS production due to chip shortage it could be a easier to manufacture then the Xbox SX.
    And another issue could be logistics and world politics as I think Microsoft has production factories elsewhere thats not in China.
    Microsoft is an American Institution so you damn well know that they have the American Government backing their efforts.

    Xbox SS is a lacking console for my liking. And may end up costing more than an actual XboxSX with an expanded SSD storage which is awful.

  2. I just found out! You don't need an Xbox to play Xbox games. You only need an ultimate game pass and a phone with a pad for cloud gaming. ???. Everyone wants a ps5 but it's un-affordable and no one can make a PC these days coz of inflated hardware prices.

  3. Yup definitely a false narrative if i ever heard one, ive been looking to get ps5 or even series x cant find one in stores, i refuse to buy series s its worse then xbox one x so ill keep waiting till the stores get more ps5 or series x

  4. The real question is why did you feel compelled to make this video? WHY do you care? You said it in the beginning. You don't want a series s. Microsoft didn't have to produce as many series S consoles as they did. This was their plan. Instead of coming up with reasons why it sold so much how about we congratulate microsoft on succeeding in their ultimate goal. Growing game pass subscriptions.

  5. Xbox Series S was most looked at console(more than Series X and PS5) and got most sales. That a fact and it destroyed PS5 and XSX on all fronts but that’s a figure of speech. Why being annoyed about it? You don’t understand what series S is for customers. It’s Microsoft Xbox division iPad. It’s not what you want but it’s all that you need. I’ll do respect your opinion, and that’s first video on YT I saw that is not pure fanboy/hate for view. Good job ?

  6. The strategy of focusing on the Series S over the holidays was brilliant. What you've failed to acknowledge is that those shopping over Black Friday are PARENTS not hard core gamers. A parent could walk into Walmart and for just about the price of the Series X or PS5 buy the Series S and a 4KTV for their kid(s). Then for what is no more than a Netflix subscription over 100 Games to play. That's a win especially in a climate of inflation.

  7. Funny when the lower powered Nintendo out sell Sony it's because people want to buy one, but when a lower powered xbox out sells Sony – it's because they can not get a Sony console???.

    So what your really saying here is MS has the better gaming stratergy a lower price point into their ecosystem this gen as the XSS can do everything the XSX can do but at a lower resolution. Not every parent is made of money and will pay £450 for a console and £450 for a 4K 32 inch TV and £60 a game. The XSS is simply the better option and it has more games instantly for a £10 a month.

    Does you mum know you lie to kids for money?

  8. You really think most people deadset on a PS5 are gonna b well i cant get a ps5 so ill spend $300 for a competing console that i dont want just to get buy? Thats more likely if ur intentions were to get a series x. Seems very unlikely for someone deadset on wanting a ps5 to do that. This is getting treated like everyone just has $300 of disposable income to spend on something they dont want, doubtful!.

  9. Not everyone needs a premium console. For example, lots of people are happy with their existing 1080p TV, and are in no hurry to upgrade to 4K. An ideal 2nd console as well for kids, owners of other consoles as well.

  10. I dont understand, why does the narrative matter? How does that change the fact that it outsold every other console? Will the narrative magically make Xbox the better console in the eye of the consumer? I just don't understand why people are upset over the headlines, and yes they are upset, if you go to Twitter you will see cringe console warriors talk shit over a stupid headline all over the place. The only people that are upset is the fanboys that hate/dislike Xbox, that's it. Literally makes no sense to me.

  11. It really does not matter it sold the most just like ps5 sold more as sonys made more stock than xsx at the beginning, What is the difference Ms made more xss stock available than the xsx and sony. You can not argue with the cold hard figures. It a solid family choice

  12. I too have an S series , and two pc's, a ps4 and a ps3. I still want a PS5 eventually. I will wait for the PS5 PRO..

  13. Xbox series s is the only console you can get, that's the reason, people are saying ohh fek it get an xbox series s it's better than fek all, and it's true, it's great get 1 if you can, , Im just sick of the bull shyte,,, everyone knows pc is best,, Nintendo has the most games,, PlayStation has the best games,,, xbox is best for playing older games and with your friends., PlayStation is king, you all know it ?

  14. The only ones surprised by this are thinking like gamers, not non-gamer parents who want something under the tree with a minimum of hassle & cost. A series S with Gamepass is a no-brainer for these parents!

  15. This was soooo obvious! This'll blow your mind, l spent money on a Super Console x pro and a POWKiddeeeeeee RGB 10 Max 2! Not Sure if anybody knows what they are if they're desperate for an exbox!

    There was just noway in hell S became hot shit over night! S just shifted its launch allocation lol a whole year after launch!

  16. I really can’t understand how the series S being in stock is a slight against the Black Friday feat… like why would it even matter… sales are sales…

    The switch was in stock literally all year (minus the oleds ofc) and I don’t think Nintendo’s thinking like “Man once the series X and PS5 have better stock we sure will be fucking screwed!” Like no, nobody is thinking that, if wasn’t going to sell it wouldn’t sell, that’s it.

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