Battlefield 2042 nailed the Sniper gameplay…

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Battlefield 2042 Sniping is great fun, especially in Battlefield Portal. Let’s play some Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 today! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is on – Free games and coupons here – Use code JackFrags in the store! Join as a member – #EpicPartner


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  1. I have to say the game play is great it’s lacking In the parts that make a bf game a bf game but the game is fun as hell and I don’t like the no in game voice chat so when I play with my brothers we gotta get into a call

  2. I enjoy most of your content, but always wonder why the 'sniper crowd' doesn't go to a game like Sniper Elite. DICE has made the sniping hardware far too OP and have either nerfed (eBolt, minigun) or not included at all (artillery strikes) any sniper counters. The bulk of the snipers sit at the edge or in a spawn camping location. Few ever PTO. Maybe that's why they are in BF instead of Sniper Elite.

  3. I think Boxing day is called that because back in the day when only the rich could eat a decent xmas dinner the day after xmas they used to box up their leftovers and hand out to the poor so that they could eat well too, hence 'Boxing day'

  4. Boxing day is when you put all your lovely presents back into the box, and then sent them presents back to the shops

  5. I love to read the comments of triggered butthurted crybabies now worshiping BF5 after being the ones that literally said that was the game that made battlefield die and kept bitching and bitching about everything every single day.
    Gamers are so hypocrite and stupid this days, its embarassing.

  6. Unfortunately, sniping never makes game play better. Making snipers powerful ruins the game for everyone else.

  7. @ jackfrags December 26th was a day that servants to wealthy English people got time off. The servants were given boxes with Christmas presents and food in them to take home to their families.

    hope that answers the question for ya

  8. I enjoy the curated content you've been posting of this game Jack. Glad you're playing it as I can't stand to in its current state.

    Happy Holidays

  9. Boxing day comes from Queen Victoria times when rich people used to box up gifts for poor ones on 26th Dec. You as a Brit Jack should NAIL it ? I mean know it ?

  10. Qui non viverra ipsum, et ego volo ludere exemplum similem ludum, sed alio nomine, et liberum in VAPOR, hic est plenus, nomen ipsum, Heroes & Generalium

  11. What they nailed was my bank account, I don't know why I bought it thinking it was diferent but here I am now 100€ less…

  12. I just hope they release some good gun skins and character skins in the battle pass and not a bunch of filler

  13. I didn't notice any ribbons or rewards given in your hosted server. This needs to be added or changed.

  14. I think it’s called Boxing Day because of the Victorian Christmas (like how u said dickens) and they would be religious on Christmas Day and open their presents on boxing day

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