Battlefield 2042 NEEDS to Update This BROKEN Feature!

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In this video we are taking a look at the results from me doing 100 searches for a match in Battlefield 2042. Let’s just say that some maps felt completely left out and Battlefield 2042 needs to update this broken feature as it can’t be fun for a new player to experience something like this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😀

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  1. The reason they do this is to keep the other maps sort of fresh, because of how few maps they are, and than in a month they place another one on the top rotation

  2. Funny how it always seems to be the worst maps on rotation lol. I literally never get manifest I think it is at the shipping yard, that's the only map I can enjoy as infantry.

  3. Broken seems to be the trend for AAA VIDEO GAMES and indies are if not a full on complete game they only have small bugs sometimes.

  4. You're solo so you're back fill for dead servers, and all the maps you were getting the same map over and over again, where the same servers.

  5. This game makes me angry and I don't even own it…just watching YT videos of how bad it is gets my blood boiling…
    Cyberpunk and now Battlefield..what unfinished mess are we gonna gwr next Xmas?

  6. I don't understand why we can't be in consistent lobbies rotating each map. And every time I put this game on it starts me in hourglass, every single time

  7. How frigging hard is it to code game so the next map is NOT same as before. It can be random but not the same. Lazy coding i think…very lazy.

  8. Breakawy always pop up when i play, try quit and next is aha ! Breakaway again and again. This game is too much now ! All the billion stupid things in this game!!

  9. Do you know an easy fix for this broken 'feature'… a f@#king server browser
    BSG (Escape from Tarkov devs) have been pushing updates throughout the Christmas period, DICE well DICE went on extended holiday about 2 weeks ago after one of the worst Battlefield launches ever, how to tell your customers that you don't give an f&#k about them without actually telling them you don't give a f#@k about them. So called AAA games are literally at the point where they are just scams.

  10. I think its laughable that vanguard got massive criticism but yet it did better than this and more people are playing that than this ?

  11. I honestly cannot fathom how we got this game. Its honestly pure sh1t. Just played bfv and its chalk and cheese on ALL FRONTS.

    Bf1 is in another stratosphere, but really enjoying bfv, makes me feel i am rewarded for doing a push, or defending, or sniping.

    I dont get my knee caps broken by a passing helicopter which somehow spots me 8000miles away. I dont get ridden over by a dumb bolte which ruins key gunfights.

    Bf2942 is a total wreck top down.

  12. You are lucky. I play this snow map for 7 times in a row. I didn’t see Santa yet but I m still waiting F£&£ Dice

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