Blueprint Wipe, Skin Store Rotation ? Rust Console News ? PS4, XBOX

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Rust Console Edition what is going to Blueprint wipe for Main Branch and for Public testing Branch. Current wipe schedule for the …


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  1. Oilrig my ass they wont add something like that because there are still too many glitches such as one hit trees and the updates do come thru with some new things but NOTHING gets fixed fully just another bug and another bug and so on so forth. They need to fix integrity of the game so don't give false hope jade and keep to what ur good at. Currently not good at commentating on rust updates. Sorry not sorry but you flat out kept saying oh next update every time you upload a video about oil rig. Also hope everyone else sees the other videos of you saying it will happen or what not and not jump down my throat about me telling them not to be sheep.

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