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Hey everybody! We found so many amazing prizes in a $20 a try gachapon machine. Were we lucky enough to win a PS5?


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  1. Deffinately play this again! So fun! Amazing luck! Maybe check the prizes and whichever has the best go for that one but this one was pretty lucky i'd say ????❤

  2. Woooow that was Amazing you got the game well done ?? really pleased for you on that one ? nice art work on the box too and the folder x

  3. Hi Nancy and Micaiah!! Thank you so much for your videos, its getting me through a very hefty move with me and my family ??

  4. now thats a high risk gachapon for sure. very nice Get in this video, that collectors edition of Demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba the hinokami chronicles lim. edition
    goes for 180 euros over here in europe atm which translates to around 200 us dollars today.

  5. Would love to see a video on your figure collection! And congrats on the win, the figure that came with it is so unique and adorable!

  6. Drops $100 into an arcade game, wins a Asia release collectors edition of a game that easily sells for $140 plus, non chalantly comments "we already have a PS5". Y'all have tons better luck than I do, I need to drag y'all to a casino or something

  7. Very awesome vid and I’ve been watching your videos the past few days and I absolutely love your channel. It is my dream to visit japan someday. I especially love all the plushies and anime related stuff ya guys win lol. Candy vids are super fun as well I absolutely love Japanese candy it’s so tasty I get boxes of it in the mail every month. I can’t wait to watch all your new vids in the future and hopefully watch ya guys while ya stream.

  8. I hope you redeemed the key in the Collector's box for Demon Slayer, otherwise, someone else will claim the collector's dlc in it since you didn't blur the code…

  9. Thats was an awesome win!!! Congratulations!!! Way to bring in the New Year. Thank you so much for these awesome videos. I enjoy them so much. Happy New Year Kam Fam.

  10. I'd look to see what big prizes are left on each machine and play the one that has the most big prizes left.

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